NPC monitoring developments on data breach at TV network giant ABS-CBN

News of a possible data breach of ABS-CBN’s online stores has reached the National Privacy Commission this morning, where customers reportedly face the possibility of theft of their financial data due to a payment skimmer which has been discovered by a Dutch security researcher.

At 12:37 PM, the Commission has received a breach notification from the company’s Data Protection Officer (DPO), Jay C. Gomez. At around the same time, the company has also publicly disclosed the incident on Twitter.


We expect ABS-CBN’s DPO to act in accordance with breach management standards set forth by the Commission, and fully set in motion its breach response protocols, including the safeguarding of their systems and the prevention of possible harms to affected data subjects.


Photo: from Pixabay

The National Privacy Commission is monitoring the situation and expect ABS-CBN to send us a full report on the incident within five days. (from NPC)

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