NCMF’s Pangarungan appoints new acting chief of Accounting Division and Finance

NATIONAL Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) Secretary/CEO Saidamen B. Pangarungan has appointed a new chief of the NCMF’s Accounting Division and Finance and Management Services (AD-FMS).


He appointed Ms. Zenaida Paporo Lomondot Alonto, whose previous position was regional accountant for 28 years at the then defunct Office on Muslim Affairs-National Capital Region (OMA-NCR), now the NCMF-NCR.

Dr. Dimapuno “Jun” Alonto Datu Ramos, director of the Bureau of External Affairs (NCMF-BER), announced the new movement in the Central Office of the commission on his Facebook page.

Datu Ramos, the spokesman and media head of the NCMF, described the new appointee as “another competent and highly-experienced government servant.”


The NCMF-BER head has been exposing certain irregularities at the NCMF, as he promised and committed to complement Pangarungan’s avowed reform agenda.

“We are all proud to welcome a very hardworking, honest, and incorruptible Certified Public Accountant,” Datu Ramos said.

He said while Ms. Alonto  was in her former assignment, she “had focused on addressing proper internal control systems, relevant record keeping, and safeguarding of finances and assets while working at the NCR Regional Office.”

She comes equipped with countless training and workshops, he pointed out.

“I am personally impressed with her simple lifestyle, a reliable workaholic who had never owned her own vehicle all throughout her government service. This show how a civil servant can work handling government funds without having the need to manipulate finances for personal gain,” said Datu Ramos.

The new appoint takes effect immediately. Pangarungan signed it on October 8, 2018. (EKU)


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