IDC names 13 winners of APAC DX Awards 2018; PhilCare wins, too

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has announced the winners in the Asia Pacific (APAC) Regional IDC Digital Transformation Awards (DXa) 2018.

Family photo at IDC regional event 2018At IDC’s DXa 2018, ANZ and regional winners of IDC DXa 2018 (from left in no order of preference are: Eva Au, managing director of IDC Asia/Pacific; National Library Board of Singapore; SP Digital; JTC; Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore; Auckland Transport; Lane Crawford; OVO; Brisbane Marketing; TutorABC; UOB; Dishthefish; KPJ Healthcare Berhad; Meredith Whalen, SVP of IT Executive, Software, Services and Industry Research; Mitr Phol; Richard Lowe of UOB; Sandra Ng, GVP of ICT Practice, IDC Asia/Pacific. DXa is an annual competition to highlight digital transformation (Photo: IDC)

OVO of Indonesia led the big winners as it grabbed the overall distinction of being “Asia/Pacific Digital Trailblazer” as well as “Asia/Pacific Digital Disruptor of the Year” in a tie with WeDoctor of China.

Other big winners are Mitr Phol Group of Thailand and South China Morning Post of Hong Kong as they tied for “Asia/Pacific Digital Transformer of the Year.”

The global provider of market intelligence, advisory, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, named the winners during IDC’s Digital Transformation summit in Singapore.

Hailed as “best of the best” from more than 600 project nominations from around APAC, a total of 13 winners separated themselves other digitally-transforming organizations.

OVO wins “Asia/Pacific Digital Trailblazer and Digital Disruptor of the Year” while Mitr Phol Group and South China Morning Post won “Asia/Pacific Digital Transformer of the Year.”

From IDC’s announcement on its website, the other big regional winners all earning the distinction of being outstanding digital leading organizations are Baheal Pharmaceutical Group; Gammon Construction Limited; Hyundai Motor Group; KPJ Healthcare Berhad; Lane Crawford; National Information Resource Service; PhilhealthCare, Inc.; United Overseas Bank; and TutorABC, winning in the Asia/Pacific award categories of Operating Model Master, Talent Accelerator, DX Leader, Omni-Experience Innovator, and Information Visionary of the Year, respectively.

The DXa showcases the exceptional achievements of organizations that have significantly disrupted or made critical breakthroughs in their various industries through digital transformation (DX) efforts. This year’s awards attracted a record high of 680 nominations, a three-fold increase from the first edition in 2017, the IDC said.IDC regional Digital Transformer winners 2018

Sandra Ng, Group vice resident for ICT Practice at IDC Asia/Pacific, Sandra Ng, cited the significance of the winners.

“The winners tonight represent the multiplied potential of DX across organizations from multiple sectors. According to our latest estimates, IDC expects the overall investments on DX technologies in the region to reach US$ 386 billion this year. As we move towards the digitalized economy, it is exciting to see so many digitally determined organizations exhibiting great transformation capabilities and digital mastery to thrive in this new digital era,” she said.

Below are the winners of the recent 2018 DXa and their outstanding DX initiatives that separated them from the rest of the nominees:

• OVO wins Asia/Pacific Digital Trailblazer of the Year and Digital Disruptor of the Year (tied with WeDoctor) for OVO Analytic: OVO provides highly personalized offers and services through a big data analytics platform that integrates information from organizations under the Lippo Group. These offers, and services span across food and beverage, travel, and retail. As part of the OVO ecosystem, organizations under the Lippo Group use real-time insights to improve customer experience and generate new revenue streams for the conglomerate.

“We are honored to be recognized for this prestigious award. Our focus from the beginning was to reinvent the traditional practices of our partners to be digitally determined. By creating multiple analytic products utilizing the rich data from different industries, we have managed to aid them in realizing the inherent value in data,” says Vira Shanty, Chief Data Officer of Lippo Digital Group.

• South China Morning Post’s Digitalizing SCMP named Asia/Pacific Digital Transformer of the Year (tied with Mitr Phol): With the rise of digital media and decline of the traditional newspaper, SCMP has turned to digital technologies to transform user experiences across digital marketing channels and geographies while ensuring security, reliability, and accessibility across multiple devices. New media consumption patterns, including “off-platform” content such as instant articles on social media, have prompted SCMP to begin its transformation using a cloud-based multi-channel content management system to facilitate content authoring and publishing through different channels, including web and mobile devices. In delivering news ahead of the competition, SCMP has captured a wider audience, tripling its readership since. To respond to the disruption of the media industry’s traditional business model, SCMP has also begun to utilize advanced analytics to deepen its understanding of its readers, not just to grow reach and engagement through personalized content and targeted advertising, but also to generate insights for better-informed operational decisions and new, organization-wide KPIs for SCMP and drive business growth in the region and around the world.

• Mitr Phol Group named as Asia/Pacific Digital Transformer of the Year (tied with South China Morning Post) for Business Revamping Through Digital Transformation initiative: To become a world-class sugar and bio-energy leader, the Mitr Phol Group began its digital transformation journey in September 2015 by combining its fully integrated agriculture business model with digital technologies. In line with Thailand’s 4.0 initiative, the Mitr Phol Group defined a World-Class Organization policy to guide the organization in achieving business transformation in a digital world, which includes the right talent management and technology implementation strategies. Through design thinking, the Mitr Phol Group developed a framework to redefine its business processes. Digital technologies such as mobile devices, cloud, big data analytics, automation, and IoT sensors have been introduced in three main areas: supply chain management, plant maintenance, and inventory management, covering 33 plants across 18 companies within the Mitr Phol Group. Through digital transformation, the Mitr Phol Group has achieved THB 12 million in inventory cost savings, a system changing-over cost reduction of 84%, and increased customer satisfaction of 90%.

• WeDoctor named Asia/Pacific Digital Disruptor of the Year (tied with OVO): WeDoctor HuaTuo Intelligent Doctor is a cloud-based diagnosis and treatment system for traditional Chinese medicine treatment. It is built upon the experiences of reputable TCM doctors and their prescriptions within a data analytics and AI engine to supplement regional TCM diagnostic and prescription process. It operates as a platform for TCM doctors and institutes to connect, exchange knowledge, and more importantly scale up the availability of TCM to their patients.

• Fu Gang of Baheal Pharmaceutical Group named Asia/Pacific DX Leader of the Year (tied with KPJ Healthcare Berhad and National Information Resource Service): Under the leadership of Fu Gang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Baheal Pharmaceutical Group has embarked on its Digital Transformation journey and is determined to lead in the intelligent healthcare and services domain. The operational transformation of Baheal pharmacies and the release of Baheal’s Ming Jing Marketing Cloud exemplify the level of success of the Group’s transformation journey at incorporating latest technology and driving new business models and channels.

• KPJ Healthcare Berhad’s Managing Director and President, Dato’ Amiruddin Abdul Satar named as Asia/Pacific DX Leader of The Year (tied with Baheal Pharmaceutical Group and National Information Resource Service): As the President and Managing Director of KPJ Healthcare Berhad, one of Malaysia’s private leading healthcare providers, Dato Amiruddin Abdul Satar has played a vital role in leading the adoption of digital technologies in the organization and in the healthcare industry. His earliest projects involved moving the entire Group to adopt KPJ Cloud, which has reached 18 hospitals today, as well as the reengineering and redevelopment of core applications including organization-wide use of Electronic Medical Records and Cloud ERP. His latest initiative is the use of artificial intelligence in cancer research and treatment in five KPJ hospitals, being the first in the country to utilize this technology. By initiating leadership transformation in the Group through training in advanced programs to cater to innovation and transformation, Dato Amiruddin Abdul Satar ensures that KPJ Healthcare Berhad remains a leader in digital adoption in the healthcare industry.

• Myung Hee Kim of National Information Resources Service (NIRS)’s Promotion of Digital Transformation Strategy and Enablement of an Intelligent Cloud Computing Center also named as Asia/Pacific DX Leader of the Year (tied with KPJ Healthcare Berhad and Baheal Pharmaceutical Group): The leadership team at National Information Resources Service is leading an organization-wide movement to transform to the most competitive cloud data center in the public arena. Under the leadership of Director Myung Hee Kim, NIRS is successfully adopting enabling technologies such as IoT, mobile and media data through organisation-wide projects such as G-cloud expansion, AI-based cyber breach response system, and government big data platform (called ‘Hyean’). NIRS has successfully migrated 753 of 1,233 tasks to the cloud and reduced operational costs by 30%. Their AI-based security system will expand its scope of coverage to more than 80% of their total data. Finally, users of “Hyean’ significantly increased from 2,000 at the end of 2016 to 100,000 in early 2018, contributing to the expansion of big data usage in the public sector. Under Kim’s leadership, NIRS is currently transforming into an intelligent cloud computing center, and many other government agencies or related organizations in Korea as well as government institutions from other countries are visiting NIRS to learn about their digital transformation journey.

• PhilhealthCare, Inc. named Asia/Pacific Omni-experience Innovator of the Year for HeyPhil App: PhilhealthCare, Inc. (PhilCare) developed HeyPhil, a mobile application utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology, to assist ailing members who need immediate assistance to skip the usual long queues and slow turnaround time to acquire the Letter of Authorization (LOA) forms often required to consult with a medical professional. A first in the local HMO industry, PhilCare has incorporated Artificial Intelligence with the function of a virtual agent to help obtain information using natural language processing. Through the HeyPhil App, members can generate the LOA at their own convenience and avail of medical services directly without queuing at a hospital or clinic concierge.  From the usual average handling time of six minutes at a medical partner or via the contact center and 30 minutes queuing at a hospital concierge, members can now get their own forms in less than two minutes. HeyPhil also provides the nearest physician, hospital, or clinic based on patient symptoms and location. Aside from LOA generation for consultations and laboratory procedures, members may also validate their eligibility and standard medical benefits. Finally, the app features a PhilCare Digi-Card, BMI and calorie calculators, medical health bulletins, and offers digital consultation with an online doctor.

• Lane Crawford’s Digital Blueprint named as Asia/Pacific Talent Accelerator of the Year: Lane Crawford is increasing its commitment to formal internal Learning & Development, particularly around training on data analytics and digital software, which was two of the most requested areas by employees. It has also embarked on a massive internal cultural transformation initiative to actively promote learning and collaboration, as well as setting up the Innovation Team to use “test & learn” and agile methodologies to better engage and motivate employees. Furthermore, progressive and experimental programmes are being used as ecosystems for sourcing and nurturing external specialist talent – the Creative Callout for emerging designers; and “The Cage”, an accelerator for retail technology start-ups. The intent is to create unique business advantages – ultimately to offer Lane Crawford’s customers access to newness and innovative shopping experiences.

• United Overseas Bank’s Enterprise Data Architecture & Governance (EDAG) wins Asia/Pacific Information Visionary of the Year (tied with TutorABC): United Overseas Bank (UOB) uses technology to have a richer understanding of its customers’ preferences and to make their banking experience simple, safer and reliable. It also harnesses emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance its operational performance. The bank also continually develops its AI and Machine Learning capabilities to meet the various needs of its businesses. UOB has worked with a Hadoop to develop a big data solution that would enable various functions in the bank to have quick access to relevant and quality data for analyses. These functions, such as compliance and retail banking, are then able to draw on the insights generated to optimize their business processes and to design distinctive customer experiences.

• TutorABC named Asia/Pacific Information Visionary of the Year (tied with United Overseas Bank): TutorABC develops Dynamic Course Generation System (DCGS) by leveraging cloud, big data and analytics, and artificial intelligence as the new technologies to enhance learning effectiveness. The operational principle of DCGS is recommending the most suitable textbooks and teachers based on learner’s interest, careers, learning preference, and analyzing the learner’s learning status and after–learning assessments via artificial intelligence for continuous learning optimization. In other words, TutorABC can modify one’s way of teaching to suit the special requirements of each class or case through DCGS based on Cloud, BDA and AI technologies, which is the reason why TutorABC won the distinction as Asia/Pacific’s Information Visionary of the Year.

• Gammon Construction Limited named as Asia/Pacific Operating Model Master of the Year for Gambot (tied with Hyundai Motor Group). Launched in 2017, Gambot is the first AI robot in Gammon. It is a virtual assistant supporting frontline staff for capturing site activities and automating routine processes. Gambot incorporates AI technologies to analyze captured data and facilitate decision making, such as safety and productivity monitoring, as well as program planning along with effective project management. To transform Gambot into a platform which enables all users’ cooperation, Gambot integrates instant messaging as its conversation interface. With the widespread adoption of Gambot, the improvement in safety culture has been observed in the Gammon. To date, over 70% of its staff are using it which led to over 10,000% increase in the number of safety submissions, which showcases a stronger safe awareness. Gammon is one of the leading contractors in Hong Kong and has pioneered the use of AI in real project-based context.

• Hyundai Motor Group named as Asia/Pacific Operating Model Master of the Year for Smart Tag-based Smart Factory(tied with Gammon Construction Limited): Hyundai Motor Group developed a smart tag system as the first of a series of smart factory projects enabling real-time wireless control of the car manufacturing process. Data collected and connected from the system is analyzed and feedback provided in real-time through big data analytics and AI. Successfully piloted at the group’s manufacturing factories in Korea, this new technology eliminates the need to manually check car types and specifications on the assembly line. With plans to adopt the system at 34 factories around the world, Hyundai Motor Group’s new development is a large step forward to a fully smart production line, cutting expenses on manufacturing equipment and lowering defect rates on multi-model production lines.

IDC’s DX Awards (DXa) follows a two-phased approach to determine the country and regional winners. Each nomination is evaluated by a local and regional IDC analyst against a standard assessment framework based on IDC’s DX taxonomy. All country winners will qualify for the regional competition, which will be decided by a regional panel of judges comprised of IDC Worldwide analysts, industry thought leaders, and academia. (EKU/IDC)

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