April 5, 2020

Day: August 28, 2018

Cathay Pacific Airways data breach hits 102,209 Pinoys, 35,700 passports

​EVERYONE’s personal data information on the internet is safe. Until the next attack. This fragile security condition of data online has proved inadequate again with the data breach that hit Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. Image: Pixabay. The National Privacy Commission (NPC) headed by Commissioner Raymund E. Liboro learned about the hacking of the airline’s data […]

NPC wants to know if Baguio school conforms with Data Privacy Law 2012

FOR its “intention” to subject its students to a mandatory pregnancy test, a school in Baguio City has caught the eye of the National Privacy Commission (NPC). The privacy agency summoned the Pines City Colleges on November 8, 2018, asking its three top officers, Mrs. Rocio Prats-Baltao, president; Ma. Regina S. Prats, vice president for […]

Amazon exec speaks on healthcare transformation through AI, ML

​The Transformation of Healthcare with AI and Machine Learning By MARK JOHNSON The conversation around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) isn’t just idle talk. Research in cutting-edge areas like machine learning continues to demonstrate that computers have the potential to predict outcomes and enhance physicians’ performance in a wide range of tasks. For […]