IR4.0 in ‘Inflection Point’ with Speed of Change Faster; Customer still King

“IF you think ‘digital transformation’ is about technology, you are thinking incorrectly.”

Colin Christie, director of Digital Transformation for Enderun Colleges in Metro Manila, told SDN — Scitech and Digital News in an interview on November 23, that people should not be confused about the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) and the technology and innovation it brings.


Colin Christie, director of Digital Transformation, Enderun Colleges. (EKU)

He said if people think it’s about technology, they are wrong about it.

Christie is at the Tourism and Hospitality Tech (Summit and Expo) 2018 organized and hosted by Enderun Colleges, a two-day event that opened Friday at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

He obliged with an interview before the start of the event.

“We are very excited because I think we are in what I call an inflection point in the application of technology, which means that moving forward the rate of change would be even faster than the last five years.

“And we see it touching every industry, in our life. We use Grab for transportation, we use Airbnb to book our vacations, we use social media, we use our gadgets,” said Christie, citing some examples of innovation in today’s current state of digital life.

He hastened to add that change in the digital age is only the beginning, adding that more application of technology is coming.


Christie mentioned some of them, such as robotics, IoT (Internet of Things) that has been interconnecting the internet for all sorts of devices.

He emphasized though that it is not about technology.

“We talk about this word ‘digital transformation’ and what I like to tell people is, ‘If you think it’s about technology, you are thinking incorrectly.’ It’s not about technology, it’s about people, it’s about customers,” he said.

Thus, he suggested, organizations should not think about how they can use technology, rather they should think how they can improve the experience of their customers, and then determine the appropriate technology that will help them achieve that.

IR4.0 - Science and Digital NEws

Enderun Colleges’ Colin Christie and an exhibitor at the event. (EKU)

“So, whether you are a hotel, or an airline, a destination, a resort, or some sort of activity, there’s just an amazing wealth of new innovation that you can use,” said Christie.

He said the key point to remember is to use technology “in a more meaningful relationship with your guests and your customer.”



Christie, apparently including, Enderun Colleges and Enderun Extension, said that is what organizations are trying to do.

“How do we make a better experience for all of us, for the guests, the stakeholders, and how do we gonna keep pace in all the change in the technology,” the Enderun Colleges official said.

“Yes, customer is king. That’s how we want people to orient their thinking.”

(Now happening, story to be updated.) (EKU)

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