DICT: Voters Can Now Search Names through Precinct Finder

(SDN) — Just in time for the National and Local Elections 2019 on May 13 (Monday), the Precinct Finder is now live.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) announced this on its website the other day.

It’s now live to help voters find their precincts, the DICT said.

DICT under Acting Secretary Eliseo M. Rio, Jr., and chairperson of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Advisory Council, said the public will now be able to view their names and their precincts by visiting www.gov.ph/web/precinctfinder to confirm their voter status.

Voters only have to fill up the required field items they will find at the online address of Precinct Finder.

The DICT called on voters to access the website.

Precinct Find

“We encourage voters to visit the Precinct Finder website in order to confirm their voter status and the location of the voting precinct before they vote on May 13 (Election Day),” said Rio, a former general of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Before the official announcement of the DICT of the Precinct Finder’s going live, he said “the link visited by the public was only a test website,” the reason for “some inconsistencies” on the status of voters.

Additionally, those who will access the Precinct Finder and find any issue, they may inquire with the Comelec through “helpdesk@comelec.gov.ph” and get answers.

Meanwhile, a notice on the website reminder voters that they have to type in their First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Province and City/Municipality where they are registered.

“All of these should be provided in order for the search to work,” http://www.gov.ph said on the website.

It said the database of voters used for the service is updated as of the last voter registration period in September 2018.

Comelec“Voters whose records have been deactivated for failure to vote in two consecutive regular elections or other applicable reasons will not be able to vote this coming May 2019.

“They will have to wait for the next resumption of the voter registration period after the May 2019 elections in order to have their registration record reactivated,” Gov.ph explained.

Wikipedia says 12 seats are up for grabs in the Senate; all seats in the House of Representatives; all provincial-level elected positions in all the country’s provinces; all city-level elected positions; and all municipal-level elected positions. (SDN)


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