December 7, 2019

Day: August 28, 2018

Lucio K. Tan, Jr. Starts Green Canopy Project in Cagayan Valley

(SDN) — EVERY summer every year Cagayan Valley in Northern Luzon, experiences sizzling hot temperatures. In fact, Tuguegarao City, the capital, had the Philippines’ hottest temperature ever recorded at 42.2 degrees Centigrade on May 11, 1969, according to And ever since that day, maybe even before, the people of the province have been hard […]

Rapidly Aging Asia Needs More Domestic Workers; What About Their Rights?

Media Release: ​Op-Ed: Domestic Workers’ Day A rapidly aging Asia means a rapidly growing need for domestic workers. But what about their rights? Mr. NILIM BARUAH, International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Regional Migration Specialist for Asia and the Pacific, reviews progress on migrant domestic workers’ rights in Asia. ASIA is on track to become one of […]