Huawei Wins ‘Energy Smart Award’ in Singapore’s DCD 2019


Huawei iCooling project for cloud computing blazes trail for other data center initiatives in Asia Pacific region. In winning at DCD 2019 Singapore, Huawei shows its mettle in the cloud sector.


By EDD K. USMAN, SDN, Twitter @edd1819, Instagram @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital & Current Affairs

CHINESE giant Huawei Technologies has another feather on its cap.

It has just won the “Energy Smart Award” from the Data Center Dynamics (DCD) Asia Pacific Awards 2019 in Singapore for its Huawei Langfang Cloud Data Center iCooling Project.

It can be recalled that Huawei broke ground for its cloud data center in March 2019 for which it invested 40 billion rinmimbi (RMB). Its location, Langfang, is a city straddling an area between Beijing and Tianjin.

In an email from Huawei Philippines, it was learned the award body considered the cloud data center’s “contribution in energy optimization and conservation.”

With the award, Huawei’s data center becomes a model for those in the Asia Pacific region, to provide reference and bench-marking for new data center projects.

“DCD” is characterized as the “Oscars” of the data center industry with its juries coming from authoritative organizations and industry organizations in the global industry, and the award has extensive international influence.

This award not only means the industry’s recognition of Huawei’s data center solutions, but also recognizes Huawei’s leadership, originality, and innovation in the data center field.

Huawei wins at DCD
DCD 2019 Award. The Huawei Langfang Cloud Data Center iCooling Project in Langfang City, China, has won the ‘Energy Smart Award’ at Data Center Dynamics (DCD) Asia Pacific Awards 2019 Singapore. With the accolade, the Chinese technology giant’s iCloud cooling project becomes a model for other data center projects in Asia Pacific. (Photo: Huawei)

Huawei Langfang Cloud Data Center has rolled out 4,500 racks in three phases with a planned capacity of 36MW. Initially, the data center was manually adjusted to optimize the energy consumption and the energy saving effect was limited. The annual average PUE could only reach 1.42. However, iCooling, a cutting-edge AI-enabled data center energy efficiency optimization tool, was deployed in the data center in 2018 to optimize the PUE at a given environment condition and IT load.

The introduction of iCooling has effectively reduced 8% of the electricity consumed and saved millions of dollars of electricity. As the AI training model evolves gradually,
a higher percentage of energy-saving is expected.

Huawei Singapore Enterprise Account Director Richard Yuan, said, cited the importance of harnessing the powers of ICT and AI.

“With continuous innovation and massive R&D investments in the data center field, Huawei has shown remarkable success in improving its data center construction and operation practices as well as user experience.

“The Prefabricated Modular Data Center Solution is a perfect example as it revolutionizes and shortens the timeline of the data center deployment. By leveraging its ICT and AI capabilities, Huawei will continue to strive and use AI to innovate, provide customers with comprehensive and smart data center solutions.”

Currently, Huawei has deployed data center solutions in many countries such as Europe and the South Pacific, covering multiple key industries such as government, ISP, carrier, finance, and transportation. Besides, Huawei has maintained a long-term and stable partnership, providing intelligent and all-round power assurance for global users. (Huawei/SDN)

About Huawei

Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. With integrated solutions across four key domains – telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services – we are committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. Huawei’ end-to-end portfolio of products, solutions and services are both competitive and secure. Through open collaboration with ecosystem partners, we create lasting value for our customers, working to empower people, enrich home life, and inspire innovation in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

At Huawei, innovation focuses on customer needs. We invest heavily in basic research,
concentrating on technological breakthroughs that drive the world forward. We have more than 188,000 employees, and we operate in more than 170 countries and regions. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private company fully owned by its employees.






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