Multisys ‘Clash’ Winners Net Php210-K in Prizes


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(SDN) — TRINMAR Boado, Mark Erwin Villarina, and Tom Otico Chua & Michael Gerard Tupas.

Remember the names, you are going to come across the triumvirate someday in the small and constricting IT world.

It’s not an easy feat, but among themselves they took home a total of Php210,000 for emerging the top four competitors in the second edition of Multisys Technologies Corporation’s “Clash of Codes.”

The Clash of Codes is a showcase of the brilliance and talents of Filipino full-stack developers of all ages. Last year, only professional programmers, designers, and coders were accepted in the high-stakes competition.

Boado, the grand champion, pocketed the biggest prize, P0.1 million pesos; Villarina, second placer, Php50,000; and Chua and Tupas, joint third placer, Php30,000 each. That’s just for the cash money. Perhaps more important is prestige, and bragging rights.

Note that Boado and Villarina also won (third and second in the Individual category) in the inaugural Clash of Codes in 2018. No small feat, their winning this year, one may say, because hundreds entered this year’s event; only 30 participants went on to battle it out in the finals.

Multisys Founder and CEO David Almirol, Jr. looks forward to organizations benefiting from the Clash of Codes effort to further hone talents.

“Clash of Codes is an opportunity for talents in the industry who aspire to develop their skills further and potentially help Multisys in creating innovative software solutions to empower businesses, companies and consumers in the country,” Almirol emphasized.

Multisys, Clash of Codes, net, Php210-K, full-stack developers, IT
CODES. Multisys CEO and Founder David Almirol, Jr. (in yellow shirt) and MultiSys Directors Nico Penaredondo and Jinggo Villamor as judges pose onstage together with Clash of Codes winners and some contestants. Multisys is holding the hackathon to hone and further develop Filipino programmers, designers, and coders. The 2019 event is the second staging of the event. (Photo: Multisys)

Multisy, a leading Filipino software solutions company, is committed as ever in empowering the local IT industry and carrying it out, among other ways, through the competition, an annual hackathon that spotlights and tests the skills of local programmers.

Empowering the IT industry

The winners, at least, of the competition, do not have to look far for employment. Almirol revealed that by testing the expertise of Filipino programmers during the Clash of Codes, Multisys is looking to hire and train more talents to its pool of full-stack developers.

MultiSys also aims to raise the standards in the local IT industry by investing in the advancement of their employees’ skills and holistic welfare. The company equips them with cutting-edge tools and immerses them in world-class facilities designed to inspire innovation and big ideas.

Through Clash of Codes, Multisys is hiring more full-stack programmers in its headquarters in Paranaque.

“We are not only committed to honing the skills of homegrown IT talents but also ensuring their overall well-being. Their dedication to the craft helps our company’s goal to showcase world-class technology in the Philippines,” Almirol emphasized.

Multisys, Clash of Codes, net, Php210-K, IT, full-stack developers
The Smart Headquarters of Multisys Technologies Corporation in Paranaque City, Metro Manila. (Photo: Multisys)

Meanwhile, Multisys has recently announced its expansion into eight industries and will focus on for the  rollout of its software technology services.

The announcement followed PLDT’s investment into the digital company equal to 45 percent shares.

Almirol said the eight industries are information technology (IT), government, healthcare, utilities, hospitality, retail, banking and finance, and the academe.

“We believe that there’s still a lot of room for introducing and enhancing technology adoption for different industries, and we would like Multisys to play a vital role in the Philippines’ technology adoption path. Through the trust and added expertise provided by our partner, PLDT, Multisys is in a very strong position to apply its values of speed, efficiency, and accuracy to help companies, big and small, to keep up with the ongoing global digital transformation,” Almirol declared.

MultiSys is the leading software solutions company in the Philippines that provides a wide range, cost-effective, and full-scale IT services to companies. Backed by PLDT through an investment of Php2.15 billion last year for 45% shares, Multisys is committed to empowering businesses by providing platforms, end-to-end system solutions, and outstanding implementations. It is backed by a team of IT experts, elite programmers, and full-stack developers who are focused on advanced systems research and development. (SDN/Multisys)

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