NCMF Secretary Saidamen B. Pangarungan Sends Joyous Eid Greetings

Media Release:
         Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh! (Peace be unto you)
         Let me greet our countrymen a joyous Eid’l Fitr. This year’s observance of Ramadan is indeed unprecedented in contemporary times. Masjids are closed, public congregation prayers are suspended, and family gatherings are regulated in the whole of government fight TO SAVE LIVES from Covid-19.
          But this contagion has given us the golden opportunity to offer more supplications to Allah (SWT) and read the Qur’an in the comforts of our homes. It has afforded us precious time to reflect upon life’s travails with Sab’r or patience — a perfect way of internalizing the beauty of Islam. Our month-long perseverance laudably demonstrates our faith in Allah (SWT) and our yearning to relive the example of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by being kind and forgiving of others. Our steadfastness as a nation during this crisis also shows our commitment to national unity under the  strong and benevolent leadership of our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
         I am proud of how all Muslim Filipinos had acted all throughout Ramadhan under lockdown. NCMF was overwhelmed with requests for relief assistance.  It was only through the cooperation with the private sector and other government agencies that NCMF, through the sheer volunteerism of its personnel, was able to provide relief assistance to more than 100,000 beneficiaries nationwide.  The influx of donations and volunteer services reflected the charitable attitude innate to all Muslims — to lend a helping hand to where it was needed the most: the orphanages and schools, the indigents and lowly,   the stranded groups, and those who lost their livelihoods.
         The good hearts of Muslims shone brightly in easing the pain and suffering of those who were helpless and hungry. The pandemic exposed the weakness of most, but was also able to highlight one of the most important teachings in Islam, which is charity.
        Undoubtedly, these are faith-testing times.  But the bigger the test, the greater our faith in Allah (SWT). Ramadhan comes to an end and our sacrifices and reflections still deserve a solemn and profound celebration.  We should view these tests as an opportunity through unshaking faith to honor Allah (SWT).
         From the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, our warm and sincere felicitations to the Muslim Ummah. EID’L FITR AL MUBARAK!

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