July 14, 2020

Huawei Intensifies Tech Use for Healthcare, Partners with Thailand

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(SDN) — 5G, the fifth generation connectivity, continues to earn raves for its potentials to make life better.

For what use is a technology if it does not impact people’s lives for their betterment.

The leapfrog from 4G to 5G means ultra-fast connectivity, low latency, greater bandwidth, among others.

Think millions of devices linked together in the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous cars, smart cities, healthcare, etc.

In fact, tech companies are already leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G in healthcare, one of them Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the telecom company, the world’s number one manufacturer of telecom equipment, has been offering in Southeast Asia its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Covid-19 AI CT Scan Analyzer for use on persons already showing symptoms.

Over in Bangkok, Thailand, the Thai government is collaborating with Huawei Technologies Thailand for healthcare with AI and 5G.

According to Bangkok Post, the country’s “Digital Economy and Society Ministry, together with Huawei Technologies Thailand are providing AI-assisted solutions with 5G technology to hospitals in the country with the aim of enabling output diagnosis results more efficiently through a high-speed network.”

In relation with this, the Thai government has created a 26-member National 5G Committee with no less than Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-chan as its chairman.

The committee will coordinate the country’s 5G development and boost its digital economy.

As in other countries, Thailand is responding to Covid-19 pandemic and serves as a cue to the country’s major telecom operators in intensifying 5G network’s development in hospitals to boost doctors and medical personnel in combating the novel coronavirus.

Covid-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 has now killed 356,042 people worldwide, and infected 5,710,939.

“Application of 5G to public health demonstrates how digital infrastructure can have a significant impact on people’s health during a major emergency.”

— Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta

The United States, meanwhile, now has the grim distinction of the first country to record more than 100,000 deaths. These figures are from the Covid-19 Dashboard of Johns Hopkins University (JHU) based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Thailand Digital Economy and Society Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta cited 5G’s uses in healthcare.

“Application of 5G to public health demonstrates how digital infrastructure can have a significant impact on people’s health during a major emergency,” he pointed out.

Huawei Philippines had already offered the system to local hospitals as it looks to find more partners more medical institutions, not only in the country but also in Southeast Asia.

The company, which is also the world’s second biggest manufacturer/vendor of smartphones, said its AI CT Scan can help hospitals in their diagnosis of Covid-19. It said the Huawei Cloud AI-enabled diagnostic system leverages AI to speed up the process of evaluating computed tomography (CT) images.

Huawei claims the system, already being used in China, could speed up the process of analyzing these results with a 98 percent accuracy which will reduce doctors’ workload who will analyze the images from the CT scan.

Its first adopter in the country is Baguio General Hospital Medical Center (BGHMC) after Mayor Benjamin Magalong accepted Huawei’s offer in March this year.

With the AI-aided CT scan, Huawei said the system would be able help doctors in distinguishing between three stages of Covid-19 infection, such as early, advanced, and severe. (SDN)


Featured image of Huawei logo and 5G from the 2019 Shanghai Mobile World Congress (MWC).

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