Asus ZenFone 7 Slated to Debut Soon

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(SDN) — TAIWAN’S AsusTek Computer, Inc. (Asus) continues its ZenFone smartphone series.

Barring any changes, Asus ZenFone 7  and Asus ZenFone 7 Pro will soon debut, following the ZenFone 6 flagship phone last year.

The bit of news is from GizMoChina in an article under the byline of Anvinraj Valiyathara. GizMoChina is known to break developments in the tech and digital world of smartphones, computers, and other gadgets.

Must be something to look forward to, this upcoming ZF 7 from Asus.

Been in love with the Asusq brand since before 2008 because of their motherboards which are highly-sought for their durability, reliability, great performance, etc.

Anyone who plans to buy a PC or rather assemble a PC from scratch sought an Asus motherboard.

In June 2008 the Taiwanese technology titan introduced a little PC, the Netbook and named it “Eee PC,” which probably started the small form factor laptop. The three “Es” stood for its selling slogan, “Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play.”

I was then on a Journalism educational trip to the United States after being selected by the East-West Center (EWC) as the lone Philippine representative to its June 2008 Senior Journalists Seminar ((SJS). Other select representatives in Asia came from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Singapore.

Completing the 2008 SJS batch was a group of American journalists from well-known American news media establishments. But that’s another story.

Around that time Asus introduced its little Eee PC, to be exact on June 3, 2008. My wife bought me an Eee PC I brought to the U.S. seminar.

It was a white Eee PC with Linux OS (Xandros), CPU Intel Celeron, Atom, 7 inches screen (now today’s screen size of some tablets, even smartphones).

Asus introduced its Transformer series of Notebooks (10 inches screen), 2-in-1 convertible laptops combining a tablet and keyboard dock with 500GB storage. The tablet had 2GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. I bought the colored red, the Asus Transformer Book T100TA. It elicited approval everytime I use it during media briefings and conferences. It has practically retired after years of productive use.

I won an Asus Zenfone 3 Laser and bought an Asus ZenFone 3 Max and ZenFone 4 Max. Was all Asus for me then. Now the Eee PC, T100TA and Laser have broken down, practically out of their useful life. The T100TA’s most useful spec was its 11 hours-long battery life that lasted me a whole day till evening of moderately light use.

My ZF 4 Max is now sputtering like an aged machine.

Now this ZF 7 series. Nothing is as-sure-as-the-sun-shines-tomorrow, though.

Writer Anvinraj Valiyathara, citing an article from TNNToday noted the launch could be soon.

He said the two ZF 7s were expected to continue the flip camera system that ZF 6 started in 2019, which also has a notch-less LCD. It has no front or selfie camera, rather the flip camera at the back doubles as its selfie shooter.

Also in the expectations for ZF 7 are notch-less display design, an in-screen fingerprint reader, SD865 embedded, and support for 5G.

Specifications being hinted are minimal, but that only adds to the mystery.

What do you think? (SDN)

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