Hajj 2020 Begins July 29; Eid’l Adha, July 31

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(SDN) — HAJJ 2020 will begin on July, 29. The first day of Eid’l Adha will be on a Friday, July 31.

The Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the dates over the week, after a non-sighting of the crescent moon that heralds every month of the Islamic lunar calendar — the Hegirah.

Uqof (Standing in Arafat), the most important part of the pilgrimage, will be on July 30, during which pilgrims pray to Allah (God in Arabic) for forgiveness, good health, and others. While at the Mount of Mercy (Jabal ar-Rahma) in the plains of Arafat, they will supplicate the Almighty Creator.

Saudi Arabia also announced that only 1,000 pilgrims from inside the Kingdom will perform the pilgrimage, which is obligatory on every adult Muslims.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. The other four are Shahaddah (Profession of Faith), Salat (Five Daily Prayers), Sawm (Ramadan Fasting), and Zakat (Obligatory Charity).

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