DICT Public Service: RAPIDPASS Announcement

Media Release:

Advisory on RAPIDPASS

PLEASE be advised that in light of the reversion of the National Capital Region to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ), and pursuant to prevailing guidelines, the RapidPass of those under the following Allowed Persons Outside of Residence (APOR) Types, Sectors, or Industries shall remain ACTIVE and VALID for presentation at checkpoints:

AG Agribusiness & Agricultural Workers WH Warehouse (Logistics)
VE Veterinary SS Security Services, Bureau of Fire Protection
CB Customs Brokerage (Logistics) SO DSWD Social Amelioration
CY Container Yards (Logistics) DR Disaster and Risk Reduction
BA Banks PM Public Markets
MT Money Transfer SA Sanitation
CA Civil Aviation VO Volunteers, Charitable Institutions
RL Real Estates NG NGOs
PR Property Management PC Public and Private Constructions
DE Delivery Services TR Traffic and Transport Management
DP Delivery of Parcels WC Water Companies
HM Heads of Mission/Designated Foreign Mission Reps TE Telecommunications
EN Energy Companies DO Distressed OFWs, Seafarers
MS Medical Services ME Media Personnel
DS Tulong Hanapbuhay Workers PO Port Operators and Services
HT Hotels DN Dentists
TF Transportation Facilities OT Optometrists
SH Ship Captain and Crews AC Accountants
SL Shipping Lines AR Architects
BP BPOs and Export-Oriented Business EG Engineers
MF Manufacturing LW Lawyers
FC Food Chain OP Other Professionals
FS Funeral Service CM Capital Market Personnel
GR Groceries/Convenience Stores GE Government Skeletal Workforce
PH Drug Stores GJ
FF Freight Forwarders (Logistics) GL
TS Trucking Services IT Information Technology and Communications and Electronic Equipment Providers
WR Water Refilling Stations SB Services to Buildings
RE Repairs and Installation of Machinery Equipment EC e-Commerce Companies

The RapidPass of those under APOR Types, Sectors, or Industries NOT LISTED above shall be DEACTIVATED until the lifting of the MECQ, or further issuances from the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-MEID).

For more information and RapidPass applications please visit https://dict.gov.ph/rapidpass/. For inquires, you may email inquiries@rapidpass.gov.ph or call the following RapidPass Hotlines:


0977 656 1211

0977 656 1214


0961 750 7281

0961 750 7282

3. SUN

0931 092 9444

0931 092 9445


(02) 84244 2868


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