Catalonia Startup Creates 5-Minute Skin Cancer Detection through AI

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BARCELONA, Spain — TECHNOLOGY, in this case artificial intelligence (AI), is more and more being leveraged in healthcare.

One fresh example, obviously, is a device, a booth, using AI algorithm to detect melanoma.

Dermavision Solutions created the device powered by AI that is capable of detecting skin lesions suspected of being melanoma in under 5 minutes.

Functioning prototype already built

This pioneer project includes a booth big enough to fit one person that identifies skin lesions that are potentially carcinogenic without the need of human intervention, through AI algorithm. The device then prepares a report automatically with all the data collected and sends it to a dermatologist to get a quicker diagnostic.

Dermavision Solutions has already created a functioning prototype, for which it has received funding support from Catalonia’s economic promotion agency, Catalonia Trade and Investment. In total, they have received €75,000 to finance the activities stemming out of their business plan, such as covering employee costs, investing in materials and equipment, renting physical spaces or carrying out communication and commercialization strategies.

Dermavision Solutions intends to introduce their prototype in hospitals soon.

Dermavision Solutions created this booth for a quick cancer Detection.
Dermavision Solutions’ creation, a device contained in a booth. The device uses AI algorithm in detecting skin cancer inside five minutes. (Photo supplied)

“This device will not replace dermatologists, but instead will provide them with AI tools to make a diagnosis faster without the need to collect data manually,” said Dermavision Solutions CEO Narcis Ricart.

Startup targets hospitals to use device

He also emphasized that melanomas are one of the few cancers that can be observed directly, but only with periodic assessment of skin lesions to assess every suspicious development.

For countries that have very hot temperatures, Dermavision Solution’s technology is a perfect way of addressing rising concerns about the effects of the sun on the skin.

The startup is in Northeastern Spain (Catalonia), specifically from a beautiful small town overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Roses. UNESCO (United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization) has endorsed Roses as one of the most beautiful bays in the world since 2011.

This little town is at the heart of Costa Brava, just 40 minutes from Barcelona on the way to the French border.

Dermavision Solutions was established and headquartered in Roses in 2019, with an ultimate goal that their device is used in hospitals and medical centers as another diagnostic tool for early detection of skin cancer, in the same way as “other tools are used in other medical specialties, like mammograms and MRIs, offering standardized and digitalized information on patients. (✓)


Featured image is a beautiful photograph of a Sunset in Cardona, Catalonia, Spain. Courtesy of Catalania Tourist Board.


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