maaiiconnect adds WhatsApp and WeChat integration to its customer engagement platform

Making it easier than ever for businesses to communicate

HONG KONG, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — maaiiconnect, a leading customer engagement platform, now allows businesses to have conversations with customers over WhatsApp and WeChat directly from its dashboard. The integration of WhatsApp Business and WeChat Official Accounts represents a massive upgrade in maaiiconnect’s omnichannel messaging capabilities, enabling users to tap into WhatsApp’s unrivalled global reach and WeChat’s Chinese social media dominance. Along with integration to Facebook Messenger, maaiiconnect now gives businesses the ability to respond and engage with customers over the world’s three most popular messaging platforms quickly and easily through a single, unified interface.

People increasingly expect businesses to communicate with them the same way they communicate personally with each other – instantaneously over a diverse range of preferred channels and devices. But as businesses try to match their customers’ service expectations, they are struggling to provide a seamless customer experience across the multiple communications channels that they must now juggle. Keeping track of customer interaction records has become a major challenge and valuable customer data have become fragmented across channels, systems, and departments.

maaiiconnect, the only customer engagement platform that brings together the world’s leading messaging apps, live chat, SMS, and on- and off-net voice and video calls onto a single chat interface – is proving indispensable to businesses. The platform allows businesses to communicate with customers whenever and however they choose, and provides them with the context to have meaningful, productive conversations with clients through a full omnichannel history of customer interactions, intelligent customer identity capabilities, and CRM integration. Now with Integration to Whatsapp Business and WeChat Official Accounts, maaiiconnect does even more.

"People are more connected than ever. Propelled by the Internet of Things, businesses are being challenged to offer hyper-personalised, seamless customer service journey, which has evolved to an average of 140 touchpoints.[i] With WhatsApp and WeChat integration, maaiiconnect brings together all the winning touchpoints needed to drive business growth," said Peter Chan, Founder & CEO, maaiiconnect.

With 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging app. The standalone WhatsApp Business app, launched three years ago has a user base of more than 50 million businesses[ii] and growing. In 2020, WhatsApp Business accounts surged tenfold.

WeChat, with 1 billion active monthly users[iii], is the world’s third most popular messaging app. With nearly 100% market penetration[iv] in mainland China, the social media platform is considered essential to any business looking to attract Chinese customers in or outside China.

Facebook Messenger is used by 1.3 billion monthly active users, making it the world’s number two messaging platform. Many businesses have found Facebook Messenger to be an effective touchpoint for engagement with open rates of 70-80% and click-through rates averaging 20%.[v]

The new WhatsApp Business and WeChat integration is available through the maaiiconnect BUSINESS Plan, which has been engineered to power businesses with a globally accessible, ready-to-go omnichannel presence. The maaiiconnect BUSINESS Plan includes comprehensive reports and insights for all channels and staff usage, providing a holistic omnichannel analysis of all business communication. All maaiiconnect plans come with advanced encryption and security policies, audit logs; while BUSINESS Plan users can additionally tailor a data retention plan for regulatory compliance.

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