CES 2021 Taiwanese startup Uniwill-WhiizU built a gamification virtual cycling world that supports a mega 3D map

TAIPEI, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The coronavirus pandemic has made a large impact on a lot of parts in the world, but it also accelerates the growth of many industries. Home gym equipment have increased their sales for 170% and bicycle sales have increased 600%. According to the cycling reports, there are 650 thousand people who watched online cycling events during pandemic. Industry report stated that the Indoor cycling market currently has $577 million revenue, the estimated revenue will grow to $752 million in 2024 and 8.9% CAGR. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are looking for work out alternatives. Uniwill has launched WhiizU, a virtual workout solution to fulfill life in the "new normal". Without time or location constraints, users are able to train and engage with users around the world to race on 3D cycling routes.

Challenging to create limitless possibilities in the virtual cycling world.

By utilizing the unique technology, the cycling routes in the WhiizU: World reflect geographic features, providing the exact elevation, slope, and distance based on the reliable database. Besides, the UI of the routes was according to the scenario of the specific cycling routes in reality. The feature creates possibilities through its gamification design, it adds up the elements for increasing the consumer-product attachment. Therefore, users were allowed to compared their cycling performance from indoor training to outdoor biking. Moreover, WhiizU is the only cycling software that can support a mega 3D cycling map. It could also build any cycling route worldwide, which could attract business collaboration to open any specific route or cycling event.

Another feature is focusing on the increasing demand for indoor workouts. It has a built-in ERG training structured workout, with the ability to customize workout schedules, provide data analysis and workout reports. Training with the smart trainer, cyclists can designate the particular power output via the workout plan to improve their maximum power. It could be maximizing training effectiveness as well.

Furthermore, the tests on FTP (Functional Threshold Power), which allows the users to examine the ability in cycling performance. Cyclist can compare their performance by evaluating the improvement of the FTP. Last, the cycling data was tracked during the workout in power, cadence, and speed that allows data analysis to provide a detailed report of each workout. Additional sensing devices could also be added for a more complete health report.

Workout is never boring anymore with gaming UX

The gamification design allows users to decide their virtual character through customized outfits, exclusive rewards from cycling events, and luxury virtual equipment. Importantly, cyclists can start their virtual cycling career to compete in the WhiizU: World with all the global cyclist for chasing the exclusive badge and achievement.

WhiizU are bringing people around the world together through online cycling events. In-app cycling scenario allows cyclists to compete with each other in the game. They also host online indoor cycling events on popular cycling routes. The first QCL indoor cycling event was participated by 52 cyclists, they formed 8 teams to compete for the championship. In the competition, there were three types of cycling routes: climb, spring and mixed. This on-site indoor cycling event has the record of 15K engagement tare during online broadcasting via a famous Taiwanese cycling social media platform. It successfully attracts viewers to watch the race, and also create bonds in the virtual cycling world.

This fun and innovative indoor cycling training software have made Uniwill being selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://pse.is/3aztq6

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