WorkJam Releases Digital Launchpad Technology to Accelerate Frontline Workforce Orchestration

New Digital Launchpad module further empowers frontline employees with a unified digital workplace platform

MONTREAL, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — WorkJam, the leading digital workplace platform for organizations with frontline and hourly employees, today released WorkJam Digital Launchpad, which enables any organization to leverage the WorkJam UX to provide frontline employees with a single point of entry for external workflows, applications, and systems. With Digital Launchpad, organizations can build upon employee engagement and productivity to accelerate their time to achieving frontline workforce orchestration — the final step in reaching full frontline digital workplace maturity.

Today’s organizations with frontline employees are using more operations and administrative applications, along with digital knowledge bases, than ever before. To streamline processes and improve the user experience, WorkJam has developed Digital Launchpad, allowing companies to create unique experiences and automatically trigger targeted and actionable tasks, communication and alerts, critical training and coursework, knowledgebase libraries and other company resources from any external system — all in one place. The tool also moves beyond status-based insights, allowing employers to provide frontline employees with a single, actionable interface in the palms of their hands.

"We are thrilled to provide customers with yet another future-proof tool to enable innovation and harvest the massive productivity and engagement gains made possible by frontline workforce orchestration," said Steven Kramer, President and CEO at WorkJam. "We look forward to seeing some of the world’s largest brands take advantage of the superior user experience and adoption within WorkJam to drive even more return on investment from their current investments in other enterprise systems and knowledge repositories."

These actionable workflows, presented as dynamic and actionable features embedded in the WorkJam user interface, can change in carousel views, menus or custom dynamic workflows. Further, Digital Launchpad removes obstacles for organizations to deliver employee workflows integrated into the user interface and front-ends. By freeing organizations from the complexities of managing and delivering systems, they can focus on the continued support and optimization of their frontline workforce while boosting customer satisfaction.

"To continue driving productivity, compliance and collaboration, organizations must foster a unified employee experience," said Stephanie Sanchez, VP Product Development at WorkJam. "By simplifying access to any application, knowledge library, video, or actionable form integrated into the workflow of frontline associates, organizations are building the foundation necessary to achieve true frontline workforce orchestration."

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WorkJam is the Digital Workplace Platform industry leaders choose to unleash the full potential of their non-desk workforces. Available in over 35 languages and deployed in over 35 countries across the world, large-enterprise and mid-market companies using WorkJam have the ability to communicate across their non-desk workforce, help them understand and execute tasks, provide them with training, offer schedule self-service and a multi-location open shift marketplace, recognize, and reward employees and more — all through any mobile or desktop device. WorkJam is also loved by employees of these organizations due to the knowledge, flexibility and digital relationship created through the platform. Available as individual modules or in one complete solution that can be implemented in as little as five days, WorkJam has deep expertise in developing its platform for the applicable compliance, work rules and workflows required for non-desk employee organizations. Companies running on WorkJam achieve breakthrough cost-savings, productivity increases, and optimal labor utilization while motivating and engaging their non-desk workforce. Learn more at

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