Vietnam’s CamLy Group Founder introduces innovative technology to the global market, adding to her inspirational businesses ventures

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cam Ly Duong, the founder of CamLy Group, a leading Vietnamese business ecosystem in the field of international immigration consultancy and real estate investment, has placed Vietnam’s technology on the global stage through seizing opportunities and swift digital transformation.

Ms. Cam Ly Duong, Founder of CamLy Group
Ms. Cam Ly Duong, Founder of CamLy Group

Her efforts have resulted in two successful technology startup projects – Camly Platform and CamlyLife which have been reported by more than 200 international media outlets including Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, and Market Insider after their launch this year. 

"I am proud of being a Vietnamese woman who possess the spirit of entrepreneurship and am willing to dedicate my time, assets, wisdom and enthusiasm to help people in my homeland and around the world to have a richer and happier life," said Ms. Duong. 

Camly Platform highlights the idea of "Sharing and Connecting" through connecting real estate developers around the world and mobilizing global investment capital quickly and safely. This platform aims to create millions of jobs in the global real estate business through its Global Investment Ambassadors (GIA) programme.  

CamlyLife is a global simulation tech platform that is targeting two billion users. Acting as both a business and entertainment app, CamlyLife is a humanistic playground that helps users expand their business, experience new technologies such as Fintech and Blockchain, in a creative and virtual setting. This app is applicable to different industries including real estate, entertainment, education, and finance.  

Ms. Cam Ly Duong strives to help Vietnamese people lead prosperous lives through CamLy Group’s business ecosystem  

These two digital platforms are just a part of CamLy Group’s expanding international business. In 2008, Ms Duong established ImmiCa, which is currently a leading company specializing in US immigration investment services via the EB5 program in Vietnam, assisting thousands of Vietnamese citizens enhance their quality of live and become US citizens. With a team of immigration experts, ImmiCa has carried out many high profile EB5 projects and achieved great success. ImmiCa has also become the strategic partner of choice for major US immigration firms and the top US real estate developers due to the brand’s professionalism, thoughtfulness, and dedication.  

Following the success of ImmiCa, Ms Duong established USHome – a reputable US real estate investment consultancy that provides the best US real estate developments to Vietnamese investors with an average annual return of 18-20%. The company has helped hundreds of accredited Vietnamese investors invest in commercial and residential developments project in New York, California, Texas and other regions. 

Ms. Duong’s efforts in giving back to the society through CamLy Group and helping Vietnamese people achieve their dreams has been globally recognised. The founder was honored as one of the top 25 global CEOs in Immigration Consulting by Uglobal Immigration Magazine in 2020.  

Ms. Cam Ly Duong set up CamLy Foundation to help the underprivileged 

For Ms. Duong, the foundation for sustainable development is sharing, love and gratitude. In 2016, she established the CamLy Duong Foundation, a charity to help disadvantaged people with the main focus on improving access to education for children living in poverty, to equip them with knowledge and help them fulfil their dreams of a brighter future. The foundation will be utilizing technology so sponsors around the world can participate and increase the effectiveness of charitable activities. 

"I have long admired billionaire Elon Musk for his intelligence, great vision, and courageous commitment in serving humanity. I will always try my best to learn from him to help change the world and help people lead full and prosperous lives," said Ms. Duong. 

About CamLy Group  

CamLy Group comprises of a group of leading companies in Vietnam including ImmiCa – is a leading company in the field of US immigration investment consulting EB5 and USHome – a reputable US real estate investment consultancy. Starting in 2019, CamLy Group has begun entering the technology industry and has since launched Camly Platform and CamlyLife. 

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