Mineski and LYKA Host Philippines’ First-ever Competitive Tourney for Casual Gamers

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MANILA – The gaming world is a massive market with a user base that sits on a wide spectrum, from casual gamers who primarily play for leisure to the hardcore athletes who showcase their skills in organized tournaments.

Leading esports authority Mineski Global has seen the popular rise of casual games as of late and recently partnered with Silicon Valley- and Hong Kong-based digital community LYKA to host the Philippines’ first-ever competitive tournament for casual gamers.

“Our goal is to unleash the gamer in everyone, and we are showcasing what’s possible in the gaming world through tech-powered solutions. We’re also demonstrating new ways to engage casual gamers by giving them a platform to compete and earn great rewards in a more fun, light environment. They are a unique niche who have just as much passion and skill,” said Ronald Robins, CEO of Mineski Global.

Mineski and LYKA
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LYKA is a social platform that combines content and community with finance and ecommerce, allowing its users to earn Gems (Gift card in Electronic Mode) with the content that they share on the platform. The app’s latest feature, LYKA Games, is a skill-based casual game platform that combines fun with real-life rewards.

“LYKA Games has a vast library of classic and original games that our users can access for free, and we also host tournaments where they can win Gems based on their skill level. Alongside Mineski, we are proud to give our community of casual gamers a platform where they can have fun, showcase their skills, and win prizes for a good cause,” said Ryan Baid, CEO of LYKA.

Dubbed as the “LYKA Games Community Challenge: Tournament For A Cause,” the event featured members from the LYKA community who were split into two teams (Team Yu_Yen and Team Zeckya) and competed for a Php95,000 prize pool that would be donated to the winning group’s chosen charity.

In the end, however, it was decided to split the pot to benefit both of their organizations – the Missionary of the Sick and Siklab Diwa. Specifically for the former, LYKA Gems were used to purchase groceries, demonstrating how these digital tokens can be used as a force for good.

Moreover, mobile phone distributor Cellboy and entertainment production company Like A Boss (LAB) also co-sponsored a live raffle for viewers to win a brand new OPPO A12 smartphone.

During the program, both teams were given a choice of games to compete in and were given a special sneak peek and trial of OPPO Blast, a new mini mobile game designed by Mineski Philippines and launched in partnership with global consumer electronics brand OPPO.

For a limited time only, LYKA members will be able to access this innovative branded venture on the LYKA Games platform before it becomes exclusively available in selected OPPO brand stores in Metro Manila.

LYKA Games Community Challenge: Tournament For A Cause

Mineski and LYKA
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“We aim to diversify our product experiences to suit the needs and wants of different types of consumers. As we continuously expand our e-commerce programs and platforms, as part of the brand’s e-commerce pipeline in an effort to meet the needs of the more digital consumers, we’re also innovating in-store experience for consumers who still prefer going to our stores by gamifying their product experiences to allow them to get a better feel of which OPPO smartphone suits their needs best. We are aware how mobile gaming has become very popular to our Filipino consumers so there’s no better way for us to give our consumers a better brand and product experience than through a mobile game in collaboration with Mineski and LYKA,” said OPPO Vice President for National Sales Zen Han.

The LYKA Games Community Challenge: Tournament For A Cause registered over 100,000 organic users and more than 70,000 engagements, with a peak concurrent viewership of nearly 24,000 during the closing segment where Robins faced off with Richard Dix of LAB and competed against each other in an OPPO Blast exhibition. Following the tournament, LYKA Games reported that approximately 7,500 users tried out the game right after.

“Mineski can help connect brands with their audiences through innovative and engaging gamified solutions. Our recent partnerships with LYKA and OPPO highlight the many possibilities that are available in esports and gaming, and we are excited to help our partners connect with our community of gaming enthusiasts,” noted Robins. (✓)

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