Braincat: The New Innovative Software for Brainstorming and Planning

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There are thousands of apps and websites designed to make brainstorming easier, help you organize your thoughts, and create digital mind maps. While many claim to be different from the rest, they all pretty much work in similar ways or are based on the same basic structure.

However, there is one new app on the rise that is doing something different: Braincat. This software is designed for thinkers of all kinds and claims to actually help you think better by guiding you through a specific thought process. Although it is still in development, beta users say that Braincat helps with brainstorming, outlining, decision making, writing, project planning, scheduling, or just clearing your head from a mess of thoughts.

What makes Braincat unique?

Braincat’s motto is “think better” because it supports brainstorming and creative thought without limitations or assumptions. Most brainstorming and outlining apps ask you to start with the main topic and work down, branching out as you add more details.

At first this makes sense, but it means you should already understand the big picture and leaves little room for new discoveries. And brainstorming or understanding complex projects isn’t always so simple — sometimes we have a lot of ideas, but we’re not sure how they all fit together. For this reason, Braincat works from the details upward.

Here’s the basic process:

Discovery: The first optional stage provides a set of questions targeted to your project type. You can choose questions for writing, making decisions, or a variety of other topics. These questions push you to think outside the box and consider new perspectives. You can skip any questions you want or skip this step entirely.

Input: Now you can enter everything on your mind about this project. Importance and order don’t matter, simply type to your heart’s content. This step also helps you clear your mind and get rid of any cluttered thoughts.

Categorize: With all of your information inputted, you now can look at each piece of data individually and decide what category or bucket it belongs in. You write your own categories and assign them to each item to determine what each detail means concerning the project.

Sequence: At this step, you determine the order or priority of the buckets you just created. Put them in any order that makes sense to you, whether it be chronological, a ranking of importance, or steps in a process. After sequencing, you will also get to name your big idea. This is the final step because it allows you (to) determine the main idea after reviewing all the project’s components, rather than beginning the project with any assumptions.

Output: Braincat now shows you all of this content in a variety of formats, including a traditional outline and a mind map. You can easily export your project to share with others or incorporate another software.

By moving through this process you may see your project in a new way. Many users report that Braincat helps them make new discoveries, organize projects faster, and reach a deeper understanding of the material. Additionally, by using Braincat you can actually train your brain to think with this new process. Over time, your brainstorming and outlining will become more efficient as you get used to the Braincat process. (✓)

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