Dr. RC GUEVARA: Leadership is a Shared Responsibility at Every Level

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  • Dr. ROWENA CRISTINA L. GUEVARA, Undersecretary for Research & Development, Department of Science and Technology

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TAGUIG CITY, July 1, 2021 — Today, I am celebrating nine years at the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Thanks to the University of the Philippines for allowing my secondment to DOST.

Leadership is a shared responsibility.
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Allow me to share what I have learned at DOST.

(1) The government can do better in allocating more funds for Research and Development (R&D), and the desire to do so comes from many directions, but the decision to do so comes from only one place. From 2010 to 2018, R&D Funding of DOST increased seven-fold and the R&D community was able to absorb the increased funding. One consequence is that the DOST R&D group has a large number of contractual personnel.

(2) R&D expertise and the desire to conduct meaningful R&D is all over the country – it is not concentrated in NCR, CALABARZON and Central Luzon. I’ve met three types of researchers: those who will promise the 6Ps and 2Is of DOST at the proposal stage; those who will deliver the 6Ps and 2Is through project implementation and completion; and those who will superbly exceed the 6Ps and 2Is. 6Ps pertain to Publication, People (Researchers and Graduates), Product, Patent (IP), Partnerships and Places and Policies; and 2Is are Social and Economic Impact.

(3) Technology Transfer is a mindset – when researchers are convinced and are supported by their institution, it will naturally happen. It is the desired end of R&D. Mature researchers even start with tech transfer in mind when they submit R&D proposals.

(4) Professionals in government service such as those at the DOST are sensitive to the needs of the people and will deliver what is needed within the bounds of the law, and will make personal sacrifices to provide what is needed.

(5) Working with other government agencies is a fruitful endeavor and amplifies DOST’s efforts. The bureaucracies may be different and it takes some explanation, but when it happens it is worth the time spent on meetings. Thanks to good friends USec Fita Aldaba, USec Perry Rodolfo, USec Boy Vizmonte, Dir. Corieh Dichosa, USec Manny Caintic, USec Jess Posadas, ASec Gerpy, Dir. Patrick Aquino, ASec Sheilah Napalang, ASec Ado Sulit, USec Laura Pascua, ASec Rolly Toledo, Dir. Cecile Narido, Atty Vic Trinidad, USec Cesar Yano, USec RV Vicerra, USec Ching Caballero, DDG Vic Adamag, USec Epi Densing, USec Jenny Ong, USec Macky Ong, DG Eric Domingo, USec Rosette Vergeire, USec Beth David, USec Myrna Cabotaje, USec Mario Villaverde, USec Rose Edillon, USec Rolly Tungpalan, Dir Pam Padilla-Salvan, Dir Luisa Valencia, Dir Lily Milla, Dir. Nelson Cainghog, USec Nepo Malaluan, USec Mark Joven, USec Cat Cabral, USec Robert Bernardo, among others.

(6) Government procurement can be efficiently executed if your FAD Chief knows what s/he is doing – acknowledging Ms. Sonia Cabangon and ASec Donnet Sahagun.

(7) Serving the general public, the academic institutions, the private sector and other government agencies is a big responsibility and understanding them is a process that never stops improving. Some of our clients know exactly what the government can and cannot do for them. Some of our clients demand what is beyond what the government can offer. Sadly, many potential clients are unaware of what the government can and cannot offer – I request responsible netizens to help us spread accurate and timely information to help us maximize the impact of government service. Science communication is on the rise and is one of the beautiful consequences of this pandemic.

(8) Leadership is a shared responsibility at every level, from the Secretary, Directors, researchers, contractual personnel and agency personnel. Thanks to the leadership of Sec Boy, Sec Mario, USec Amy, USec Carol, ASec Jay, ASec Leah, USec Bren, USec Rene, USec Sancho, ASec Donnet, ASec Ted, ASec Diane, ASec Manny, Directors Josette, Lilia, Richard, Egay, Armand, Jaycee, Alex, Nenette, Tom, Rommel, Rowen, Ed P., Ed E., Ernie, Martin, Al, Tony, Zeny, Sam, Inday, Jojo, Nancy, Eric, Jimmy, Mayet, Rey, Denis, Joel, Franz, Mario, Mel, Mulong, Bob, Annabelle, Celia, Caloy, Beth, Matet, Jing and Jun, Adm Vic, Aileen, Weng, Arme, Anya, Reena, Irma, Chit, Corly, Rose, Gilbert, Shienna, Rein, Badet, Ariel, Mavic, Irine, Jeng, Jose, Ceajay, Idohna, Jae, Ernee, Chammy, Dan, Nikko, Roselle, Tess, Nads and the rest of the SPDrs, and Richie.

(9) Translating policy into action is possible in a very short time, but it requires cooperation, coordination, resources, leadership and partnership among government, academe, industry and civil society.

It is an honor to be in the service of the Filipino people. (✓)

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