PCSO Urges Partners to Help Sell Tickets to Generate More Revenue

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PCSO GM Royina M. Garma. She emphasizes the need to generate more revenue to fund the PCSO’s various forms of assistance. ‘We need to sell more tickets,’ GM Garma, a former police officer, said as she appealed for support in a press conference on Tuesday. (All photographs thru PCSO Corporate Department Manager Agnes Salgarino Ibera)


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(SDN) — Ticket sales is the lifeline of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Revenue from its gaming products, a portion of it, in turn, is the lifeline poor Filipinos are holding on for their hospitalization and medical needs. No revenue, no assistance. Simple as that.

The charity agency does not receive even a centavo from the government’s annual General Appropriations Act (GAA); it generates its own funds for its operation (15 percent for every peso of revenue), for its charity assistance (30 percent), and for its lottery prize (55 percent).

Without the revenue from its various games — Lotto, Small Town Lottery (STL), Keno, Digit Games, Instant Sweepstakes, ScratchIt Cards, and others, there will be no PCSO. Unless it receives from the GAA, but it’s not in its Charter. So, no.

No wonder a top official of the PCSO sent out an appeal for stronger support from its partners/beneficiaries as well as from patrons of its gaming products.

More ticket sales to generate more revenue

PCSO General Manager Royina M. Garma issued the call on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, during an event for the distribution of checks to its partners at Sun Plaza Building, its Headquarters, along Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.

The PCSO leadership wants them to help in selling more tickets and generate more funds for its many health programs and social services.

“We really need more funds — and to generate more funds is for us to be able to sell more tickets,” Garma, also PCSO’s vice chair of the Board.

She identified the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) as the recipient of 50 percent of the PCSO’s total charity funds generated from its gaming products. The funds going to PhilHealth is geared for the government’s universal health care program.

Here are some pictures during the distribution of checks to some of the agency’s beneficiary organizations turned over by Garma (left in the photographs).

PCSO distributes checks.

PCSO distributes checks.

PCSO distributes checks.

PCSO appeals for more support.

PCSO asks NBI, PNP to get rid of number games

Garma expressed thanks to the public for patronizing the agency’s two top revenue generators, Lotto and STL; the former is operated nationwide while the latter runs only in selected areas in the country.

“I want to thank the PCSO players because if you don’t bet on Lotto and STL, we can’t give anything to individuals in need of medical assistance,” the PCSO official said.

She also called on the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), one of the beneficiary organizations, to go after operators of illegal numbers game which eats up on the revenue of the PCSO.

“I am asking your support to eradicate illegal number games on the ground so that our sales of the STL will increase, and when sales increase, so does the share of your agency.

“That is the partnership we can establish so that we will be able to sustain everything we can give you,” she pointed out.

Before she and other PCSO officials met reporters the agency turned over checks to some of the beneficiaries representing their share from Lotto and STL revenue in their respective localities. As well as government agencies’ mandatory shares.

Garma handed to the said organizations’ representatives their checks representing their share from the agency’s mandatory contributions and, for the NBI and the PNP,  from Lotto and STL.

Mandatory contributions went to the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), Php74.54 million; Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Php18.48 million: Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP), Php278,420; and Philippine Red Cross (PRC), Php767,110.68.

For the months of January and February 2021 the NBI got Php3,059,821.84 and Php3,255,594.54, respectively. The PNP, meanwhile, was entitled to receive Php7,622,576.11 and Php8,165,973.59 for the same months.

Faithful delivery of agencies’ PCSO funds

Garma asked the fund beneficiaries to make sure the assistance is used for its purpose.

“I encourage all the agencies that we have given funds that they would be be able to deliver this assistance to those who are most in need, especially indigent people served by your agency,” Garma said.

She was eyeing a new tack for the year 2022 to boost revenue generation.

“I was hoping next time or next year that we will allot draws. We will be inviting you to help us sell the tickets to help promote or advertise to our fellow employees especially for the draws that have been allotted to you,” Garma said.

In a related development, below is the PCSO’s Medical Assistance Program (MAP) for the period June 1-30, 2021, a total of over Php226 million given nationwide to individual beneficiaries:

PCSO funding assistance.

With Taal Volcano showing up again causing the evacuation of thousands of people, it’s safe to presume the PCSO will be doing its share again outside of its mandated functions to assist those affected in Batangas province and other areas. (✓)

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