5 Halal Certifying Bodies Receive NCMF Accreditation

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(SDN) — Credit is due lawyer Saidamen B. Pangarungan for being continuously on his toes to implement the mandate of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF), particularly on the halal industry.

The former governor of Lanao del Sur is the head and secretary of the NCMF, an important agency under the Office of the President.

Last year Pangarungan issued a Notice to the Public that the NCMF, which created under Republic Act No. 9997 in 2010, had started reviving its mandate on the accreditation of Halal Certifying Bodies (HCBs), as well as the renewal of accreditation.

He this is based on Section 8(h) of R.A. No. 9997, as well taking cognizant of the Formal Letter the Philippine Accreditation Bureau (PAB) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on April 29, 2020, and a relevant NCMF Memorandum on September 20, 2020.

“Notice is hereby given that the (NCMF) through its Bureau of Muslim Economic Affairs (BMEC) and Halal Program Management Committee (HPMC), will be accepting application and renewal of certificate of accreditation of (HCBs) certifying halal products for local consumption, which include those certifying imported products and those engaged in Philippine Halal Exports with products intended for domestic consumption insofar as the latter is concerned starting 02 November 2020,” Pangarungan emphasized in his announcement.

On the DTI said, here’s what it declared on the subject in the Formal Letter the NCMF head referred to above.

“Thus, while it is PAB’s mandate to accredit CBs certifying Halal products for exports, NCMF takes care of accrediting CBs certifying Halal products for local consumption,” said Director James E. Empeño of the PAB.

NCMF issues halal accreditation.
NCMF Secretary Saidamen B. Pangarungan. (Source: NCMF)

Well, it seems what goes around comes around.

So, it came to pass the NCMF-BMEC has now issued Certificate of Accreditation to five HCBs as seen from an announcement that Dr. Dimapuno A. Datu-Ramos, spokesman of NCMF, made on Wednesday (August 25).

“The Commission had decided to resume its accreditation services to support the Halal Certifying Bodies (HCBs) as an assertion of the NCMF’s right to accredit and perform its official mandate,” Datu-Ramos, director of the Bureau of External Relations (NCMF-BER).

He said the Commission ceremonially awarded the certificates to the five HCBs, saying Pangarungan emphasized in his remarks at the event the NCMF’s “prioritizing the general welfare of the Muslim ummah, especially now that we are facing challenges during the pandemic.”

Pangarungan added: “The resumption of the accreditation is for the betterment of Muslim Filipinos, so the NCMF and HCBs should harmonize the partnership to develop the Philippine halal industry.”

Among those present at the event included NCMF Chief of Staff Nikkolai Saidamen, Deputy Executive Director Atty. Jehan Jehan Lepail, Bureau of Legal Affairs (BLA) Director Atty. Rolando Abo, and Administrative Services Director Abdullah Macarimpas as they extended their support during the in-person part of the presentation.

Datu-Ramos said the Commission en banc approved the first five applicants who passed the evaluation and audit findings conducted by the BMEC headed by Director Saleha Sacar, and the Regional Halal Programs Management Committee (RHPMC).

NCMF issues halal accreditation.

Receiving Certificate of Accreditation are:

  • 1. Halal International Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines (HICCIP)
  • 2. Mindanao Halal Authority (MINHA)
  • 3. Prime Certification And Inspection Asia Pacific, Inc.
  • 4. Basilan Ulama Supreme Council Foundation Inc. (BUSCF)
  • 5. Halal Development Institute of the Philippines (HDIP)

NCMF Executive Director Tahir Lidasan Jr., stated that “walang halal if wala ang (there’s no halal without) NCMF,” since the Commission is the only National Government Agency mandated to oversee Muslim Filipino affairs. He reiterated that the NCMF will continuously support partner stakeholders.

In relation with this, halal consumers as gathered by SDN — Science and Digital News were earnestly hoping BMEC Director Saleha Sacar would also go after fraudulent or bogus certifying bodies who are only after profit.

And that she would deploy her staff to check products in department stores and groceries selling products stamped with a halal logo but no indication what group issued the certification.

And still more, that Director Saleha Sacar would moto propio put under stringent laboratory tests products with halal logo to determine if they contain pork or any of its derivatives.

And that Director Saleha Sacar would also look into how much fees HCBs collect from companies wishing to have their products halal-certified to prevent exorbitant charges or profiteering that would put Islam and Muslims in a bad light.

And where credit is due, they congratulated Secretary Pangarungan for his resolute determination and commitment to see through that Muslim consumers have the choice of products to patronize and consume according to their Islamic dietary needs. (✓)


Featured halal logo is a designed issued by the DTI.

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