BARMM Parliament Seeks Establishment of Bangsamoro Printing Office


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COTABATO CITY — In an effort to establish an effective government printing and publication system that would meet the printing demands of the Bangsamoro government, some members of the Bangsamoro Parliament filed a bill that seeks the creation of a Bangsamoro Printing Office (BPO).

“The Bangsamoro government produces a heavy volume of forms, files, and requirements on a daily basis. Hundreds, if not thousands, of papers are printed each day,” the regional solons in the authors’ explanatory note.

The office, which will serve as the printing arm, is tasked with producing accountable forms and ensuring the high quality of requirements of the Bangsamoro government’s ministries and offices.

Aside from the printing of forms and other materials, the BPO may also accept other Bangsamoro printing jobs, including government publications.

“Direct printing by the BPO will save funds of the Bangsamoro Government, as the necessary materials and printing will be procured and done by the office itself, thus saving the Bangsamoro Government from extra costs,” the authors added.

The office will operate under the supervision of the Office of the Chief Minister. Its main office must be in Cotabato City, while satellite offices can be set up around the region to expedite printing requests.

The following are the authorities and functions that the office may exercise:

  • Provide all printing requirements of the government agencies and accept other government printing jobs, including publications and information materials;
  • Recommend acquisition of, in any lawful manner, such personal or real property, or any interest or charges therewith;
  • Discharge other functions which may be deemed necessary:
  • Printing, binding, and distribution of all standard and accountable forms of BARMM;
  • Printing of books and other educational materials by the MBHTE; and
  • Printing of public documents such as the Bangsamoro Gazette, Bangsamoro Appropriations Act, and development information materials of the Bangsamoro Government.

Sources of funds for the agency’s operation may be obtained from revenues, grants, donations, disposal of assets, sale of obsolete forms and records, and interest earned on investments.

The measure was introduced in the Parliament by BTA members, among them, Baintan Ampatuan, Amilbahar Mawallil, Suharto Ambolodto, Rasol Mitmug, and Rasul Ismael. (Publication and Media Relations Division) — (✓)

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