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If you are into making videos for your social media, YouTube, TikTok, or for just about anything, here’s one that looks as easy as ABC. 

VEED is a simple online video editor that will help you trim, filter, rotate, and crop your videos with just the tap of a button!

With this tool it’s easy to get started making social content in no time at all — there are lots of features for anyone who wants them or can use them but don’t have much know-how either way on how these things work. It’s a powerful video-editing platform that can help you create videos for all your social media needs. A hands-off experience where users never need any expertise beyond being able to upload media via the online site that is best used in Chrome.

Cutting and Trimming

VEED is a great tool for anyone who wants to quickly and easily cut videos from their phone. With VEED, you can trim film without having to physically watch the whole thing by dragging both ends or using the split button which will allow you to remove the middle portion in one quick step! Not only does this app let users trim video files but also GIFs, audio clips, and YouTube URLs.


VEED’s Video Filter is an essential tool for video bloggers and content creators. They offer a variety of options to help you make sure your videos are optimized for the best possible outcome, including brightness contrast saturation exposure adjustments as well as filters such VHS effects black & white or sepia tone!


Rotate your videos in a flash with the free video editor. You can quickly change an upright movie to horizontal or vice versa, preserving its aspect ratio for posterity on social media posts specifically Facebook and Instagram!


Want to be able to crop your videos for any platform without downloading software? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With VEED’s free online video editor app — all it takes are clicks of one button. Just select how big the frame should be on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram so that when people share posts, the resolution and size will not be affected.

Video Speed

With the VEED video speed controller tool, you can increase or decrease your videos’ playback speeds. You have a variety of options to choose from (0.5x – 2x) or enter a custom speed setting.

Add Text to Video

The font you choose can change how your text looks. You’ll be able to upload a video and then edit it with just the click of one button! You’re able to change font size, color style, as well as alignment all in one, go with a few clicks of the mouse or tap on an option from their vast library templates.

Video Converter

Here is the list of file types VEED can convert for you:

MP4 (you can play it pretty much anywhere)
MOV (the native format for iPhones)
WMV (for Windows computers)
FLV (for Flash player)
SWF (another type of Flash video)

VEED basic plan costs $12 per month and provides you with 25 minutes of video length, unlimited file size uploads; it also has 20GB storage for all your raw materials. If that’s not enough space then the professional option is there which bumps up the allotted recording time to two hours as well as giving more generous amounts of hard drive storage capacity at 100GB. Finally, they offer 4K quality 1080p exports so you’re able to share those high-definition moments! (✓)

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