Feel Good: Baby Scarlett Ann Buiza Born on a Philippine Airlines Airbus A330 Jet

Feel good story from Philippine Airlines:

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(SDN) November 20, 2021 —  If you could choose the place where you were born, where would it be?

Of course, none of humanity has the power to choose one’s birth place.

Baby Scarlett Ann Buiza did not have to choose where she would be coming up on Earth.

Fate chose it for her, on a Philippine Airlines Airbus A330 jet cruising above Earth, that’s PAL Flight  PR685 bound to Manila from Doha, Qatar, approximately nine to 10 hours of flying time.

What a choice!

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Philippine Airlines (PAL) Spokesperson Cielo Villaluna from her Facebook page.

Ms. Cielo Villaluna, PAL spokesperson, had a truly feel good story to tell her fellow Filipinos.

Filipinos who for nearly two years since the 2019 pandemic have been languishing in sad stories, many drowned by their tears as close family members, relatives and friends fell one by one from Covid-19.

Well, about time for a story with great vibes.

And the country’s flag carrier brought the good story home from the Middle East.

Here’s Ms. Villaluna’s narration of Scarlett Ann Buiza’s entry into the world:


“Our cabin crew team of Doha to Manila flight PR685 ably assisted the birth of a healthy baby girl.

“Purser Ruby del Rosario managed her cabin crew team. FA Merian Buan Ventura, FS Philip King Aguilar DH (both registered nurses) together with FS Marc Anthony Cue, FS Clinton Ros, FA Ann Claire Reboron and FA Scarlett Mercado all worked together in handling the inflight birth of SCARLETT ANN.

“We are posting these images with permission from the happy mother Teresa May Buiza, who decided to name her baby after our flight attendants who were on hand to assist every step of the way.

“Baby Scarlett Ann was born at 7:20AM – two and a half hours before arriving in Manila.”

So here is the historic delivery of Baby Scarlett Ann Buiza in photographs:

Extraordinary birth and delivery.
Baby Scarlett Ann Buiza, born on a PAL flight cruising to Manila. (All images credit to PAL)
PAL’s sky heroes.

“Congratulations to our cabin crew who are safety professionals — highly-trained to deal with extraordinary onboard situations.

“Congratulations to mother and child!

“A330 Capt.Rainiel Viola led the flight with 320 passengers on board.” (EDD K. U.) — (✓)


Featured image of Philippine Airlines plane on the runway file photo of SDN — Science and Digital News)

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