Welcoming 12.12 Deals, Traveloka Hosts Game Farm International Championship in Southeast Asia

  • The Game Farm International Championship and 12.12 Deals programme will establish Traveloka as the first booking platform in Southeast Asia to combine international mobile game competition with promotional programs, reiterating Traveloka’s position as a lifestyle superapp across the region.
  • Winners for Game Farm International Championship will stand a chance to bring home a total of USD 47,000 worth of voucher prizes, while Traveloka’s customers can receive special offers of up to 70% discount during the 12.12 Deals.
  • Traveloka 12.12 Deals offers discounts of up to 70% for customers. The strategy aims to boost market demand, revive the tourism industry while contributing to economic recovery and encouraging safe travel. 

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the year draws to a close, Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s lifestyle superapp, introduces an innovative programme that combines international mobile games competition with promotional campaigns – a first of its kind initiative for a booking platform in Southeast Asia.

Traveloka 12.12 Deals in Southeast Asia
Traveloka 12.12 Deals in Southeast Asia

With a total voucher prize of USD 47,000, the Game Farm International Championship will take place from 6-19 December 2021. Customers can also enjoy up to 70% special offers with the 12.12 Deals program within the same period. This initiative demonstrates Traveloka’s commitment towards supporting the partners’ operations, driving tourism industry’s recovery while emphasizing the importance of safe travel and applying strict health protocols.

Traveloka Game Farm International Championship in Southeast Asia
Traveloka Game Farm International Championship in Southeast Asia

Andhini Putri, VP of Marketing Transport and Financial Services, Traveloka, reiterates Traveloka’s relentless focus in tailoring the product and services to stay relevant with customers’ behaviour. Keeping up with the latest market trends is also part of Traveloka’s DNA, allowing the platform to continuously innovate, "At Traveloka, we constantly strive to innovate and diversify our products and services to stay relevant to our customers’ travel and lifestyle needs. We have seen a rapid increase of mobile games’ interests in the Southeast Asia region in recent years. The approach of combining discounts and a mobile game championship will provide a new, comprehensive, unique, and more interactive experience with Traveloka," said Andhini.  

Game Farm International Championship

Game Farm International Championship opens for all Traveloka’s customers in Southeast Asia, starting from 22 November 2021-3 December 2021. Registered participants will have the opportunity to compete against opponents across the Southeast Asia region and win a total voucher prize of USD 47,000. The prizes include free flight tickets, free 5-star staycation, gift vouchers & coupons, free smartphones, and many more. 

According to industry insights, Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing markets for the gaming industry in the world. Based on a Newzoo Report, Southeast Asia generated game revenues of $4.4 billion in 2019, an impressive year-on-year growth of 16%. 70% of the total revenue (USD 3.1 billion) comes from mobile games.

The high public interest in mobile games has become the basis for Traveloka to enter this sector. Game Farm has been available on the Traveloka app since September 2021. Users can enjoy more than 20 choices of casual games in Game Farm for free. People who play Game Farm daily will also have the opportunity to win special vouchers and coupons to purchase or redeem Traveloka products.

12.12 Deals Program as the Effort to Revive National Economy 

Traveloka also announced the 12.12 Deals that will take place in all Southeast Asia regions where Traveloka operates, including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. During this programme, Traveloka consistently promotes safe travel, encouraging customers to implement strict health protocols while travelling. Traveloka also provides ‘Important Notice’ and ‘Safe Travel’ pages which are continuously updated in real-time to ease the customers in getting accurate information about their preferred destinations and their travel activities. This year-end promotional program offers various discounts for Traveloka products, daily flash deals, vouchers, and coupons specifically for each region with the following details:



12.12 Deals Detail


27 Nov-12 Dec 2021

  • Flight: Discount up to 40%
  • Accommodation: Discount up to 25% + Coupon discount up to THB 700
  • Xperience: Discount up to 75% + Coupon discount up to THB 250


29 Nov-12 Dec 2021

  • Daily flash deals up to SGD1,212 for all Traveloka products
  • Flight: Discount 12% up to SGD50 savings
  • Accommodation: Discount up to 48% off + Extra Limited 36% off
  • Xperience: Discount up to 20% off + Extra Limited 25% off


29 Nov-12 Dec 2021

  • Flight: Discount 20% and up to RM300 off
  • Accommodation: Discount up to 30% + Coupon up to RM300
  • Xperience: Buy 1 Free 1 + Coupon up to RM35


29 Nov-12 Dec 2021

  • Flight: Daily coupon saving up to PHP 1,212
  • Accommodation: Discount up to 50% + Coupon up to PHP1,200
  • Xperience: Coupon up to PHP750


6-19 Dec 2021

  • Discount up to 70% for all Traveloka products


8-14 Dec 2021

  • Discount up to 30% for all Traveloka products
  • Flight: up to 500,000 VND off
  • Accommodation:
    ○  Discount 15% up to 200,000 VNĐ for min. 800,000 VNĐ purchase
    ○  Discount 10% up to 500,000 VNĐ for min. 2 nights reservation

"Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic become a public health crisis, but it has also affected the economy and the lives of many. The 12.12 Deals campaign is our initiative to support the tourism sector ecosystem, helping the business continuity of Traveloka partners, which in turn accelerates the economic recovery. We also encourage our customers to comply with health protocols as stipulated by the government strictly," concluded Andhini.

About Traveloka

Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s lifestyle superapp, provides users access to discover and purchase a wide range of travel, local services, and financial services products. Traveloka’s comprehensive product portfolio includes transport booking services such as flight tickets, bus, trains, car rental, airport transfer, as well as access to the largest accommodation inventory in Southeast Asia, including hotels, apartments, guest houses, homestays, resorts, and villas, making Traveloka a booking platform with the widest selection of accommodation and packages.

Traveloka is also a key player in the local services category, offering reservations for a wide range of local attractions, activities, wellness and beauty clinics, culinary directories as well as food delivery. Traveloka also offers financing, payment, and insurance products to help Southeast Asian consumers fulfill their lifestyle aspirations. Traveloka provides 24/7 customer service in local languages as well as more than 40 different local payment methods. Traveloka’s lifestyle superapp has been downloaded more than 60 million times, making it the most popular travel and lifestyle booking application in the Southeast Asian region.

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