Fanttik X8 APEX Tire Inflator Enables Raging Inflation Speed Anytime, Anywhere

  • A typical SUV tire can be fully inflated from 0 to 100% within 10 minutes with Fanttik X8 APEX

NEWYORK, , Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fanttik, a young and fast-growing brand that creates tech-driven solutions for real-world problems, has blown past its Kickstarter funding goals for the new X8 APEX Tire Inflator. A must-have for road-trippers, cyclists and drivers alike, X8 APEX is a powerful, compact and versatile tire inflator that provides super-fast inflation any time, anywhere.

Fanttik Tire Inflator X8 Apex
Fanttik Tire Inflator X8 Apex

First launched on Kickstarter, Fanttik X8 APEX has been actively responded and rushed to reach 100% fundraising goal within five minutes of release, and raised more than $180,000 within one month of its campaign going live – smashing its goal by over 100 times. It is extremely popular among backers. Apart from that, the Fanttik press release has got published on Yahoo, one of the leading global media, and reached millions of views with various media outlets.

The popularity of X8 APEX comes as the automotive tire inflator market experiences a rapid surge of growth: the market is expected to witness a growth of 4.78% between 2019 and 2026 to reach USD $1,465.6 million. As traditional tire inflators become phased out in favor of more convenient and time-efficient models, X8 APEX is shaping the next generation of products with its fast and accurate inflation, powerful pressure system, extreme portability and versatility.

X8 APEX has a maximum pressure of 150PSI to satisfy a wide variety of inflation needs, from car tires to motorbikes, bicycles, recreational inflatables, sports balls, and even shock absorbers on mountain bikes. Utilizing advanced technology and a powerful motor, X8 APEX boasts 50% faster inflation speeds compared to other inflators with accuracy within ±1 psi. The inflator takes five minutes to fill a single car tire with zero air pressure, and has enough power to inflate six 185/65 R15 tires from 0 to 2.4bar when fully charged. X8 APEX also comes equipped with five preset modes for easy inflation: car, motorcycle, bicycle, ball, and custom, allowing you to get a fast and safe inflation for the inflatables all the time.

"We are thrilled at the overwhelmingly positive reception to X8 APEX on Kickstarter. Our goal with X8 APEX was to solve problems that plague traditional tire inflators, such as a bulky, heavy design and limited standby power. By offering long-lasting standby power and a high-pressure system in a compact design, X8 APEX gives users peace of mind knowing that they have inflation power at hand whenever they need it," said Jackie Peng, Product Manager of X8 Apex.

With its large LCD display and 3W LED flashlight, X8 APEX allows users to check real-time tire pressure, recommended preset pressure, inflation mode and battery life in all conditions, including at night. Fast and easy to use, users simply set the pressure to the required amount before inflating. Once inflation is complete, X8 APEX will automatically shut off for safety and peace of mind.

Unlike other tire inflators that are bulky and require a direct current, X8 APEX comes with a built-in battery and lightweight frame for ultimate portability. With three rechargeable 2600mAh high-capacity Li-ion batteries, a single charge lasts up to 300 days on standby. X8 APEX can also double as an emergency power bank thanks to its universal USB port.

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