Get Ready For The First Drop of 4,000 Unique B.Duck’s NFTs on MADworld

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for Christmas, B.Duck, the hyper metaverse duck has collaborated with MADworld, a well-known Animoca-backed NFT Marketplace and Origination Platform, to launch its first NFT collection. This collection is part of a three-part series, with the first batch of 4,000 unique characters dropping on Wednesday, 29 December 2021 at 9 a.m. UTC (5 p.m. HKT) for allowlist winners and opening for the public mint on 31 December 2021 at 9 a.m. UTC (5 p.m. HKT). Anyone who wants to be part of the first B.Duck NFT drop and guarantee their chance to mint needs to join the B.Duck NFT allowlist campaign.

Since the creation of the original B.Duck by Mr. Eddie Hui in 2005 for his own children, he’s gone on to develop a family of 26 original characters, bringing joy and positivity to every owner. During the past years, the adventurous B.Duck has explored every corner of the world. Now, this collection allows B.Duck to travel beyond the physical world, deep into the metaverse. B.Duck NFT characters will come with a richly differentiated set of personalities, experiences and stories.

As each individual NFT character takes on more experiences and adventures, those characters will increase in rarity and value, adding to the overall collection value. In the near future, B.Duck NFT owners will witness their characters become stars  as they waddle through various games and NFT-related creative content concepts.

Each set will be divided into three tiers of rarity, RARE, EPIC, and LEGENDARY. Details of the rarities in the first drop are as follows:

Three Tiers of Rarity

Total Quantity

Reveal Date


3,560 complete unique designs

2 January 2022


400 unique designs with additional design elements

2 January 2022


40 unique designs with multiple combination of additional design elements

3 January 2022

If you would like to learn more about the details, please refer to the dedicated B.Duck NFT page on the official MADworld website.

Click here to join allowlist event and stay tune to the following key dates:

Key Dates to Note

14 – 29 December 2021

Range of allowlist opportunities –

stay connected to MADworld

29 December 2021

at 9 a.m. UTC (5 p.m. HKT)

Minting opens to allowlist winners

31 December 2021

at 9 a.m. UTC (5 p.m. HKT)

Minting opens for public mint

2 January 2021

Reveal of RARE and EPIC rarity NFTs

03 January 2021

Reveal of LEGENDARY rarity NFTs

The total price for the first drop will be 0.06 ETH per B.Duck NFT.

Community members who complete the challenges and campaigns conducted by MADworld will gain access to the B.Duck NFT allowlist. In addition, all $UMAD token holders with 2,500 $UMAD or more in their digital wallet will be automatically placed on the allowlist, and have the right to mint during early minting periods. 

Make sure to follow all MADworld official announcements and community channels across Twitter, Medium, Discord, Instagram and Telegram to stay updated on allowlist campaigns, as well as other opportunities to acquire your first B.Duck NFT.

About MADworld—the Multiverse Artist Defender (MAD)

MADworld Limited offers an NFT Origination Platform and network implementing blockchain technology to defend artists, artwork, creators, and content as they all enter the untraversed multiverse. MADworld supports NFT minting to validate ownership and provenance of physical art, collectibles and products, and original content developed from live concerts, sporting events, artist battles, and other modes of creative expression. MADworld is designed to give creators complete control over their NFT strategy, supporting them with maximizing the income and impact from their intellectual property, in perpetuity.

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About B.Duck

Designed by Eddie Hui in 2005, B.Duck was originally a gift for his children. He wanted to design a lovely rubber duck toy to accompany the children as they grew. He accomplished this by designing B.Duck with twinkling eyes and a lovely smile, while incorporating a playful hairstyle into B.Duck’s appearance.

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