Farm Me Welcomes NEAR & HUOBI As New Strategic Partners For Its Fantasy Metaverse

Farm Me’s new partnerships to drive further growth and innovation for the GameFi project

TORONTO, Jan. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Farm Me, the fantasy metaverse experience, will usher players into an even more amazing experience with the help of new strategic partnerships established with both NEAR and HUOBI. Farm Me will implement further improvements to its existing and future features for a play-to-earn experience unlike any other.

Farm Me welcomes backers and strategic partners.
Farm Me welcomes backers and strategic partners.

"With an impressive roadmap and highly skilled team, the NEAR foundation is thrilled Farm me is building on the platform which runs on NEAR protocol. We believe the fun and immersive experience will appeal to traditional gamers, taking play-to-earn gaming to the next level," said Oliver Backer, Senior Grant Operations Associate of NEAR Grants.

With over 3,000 active players since the beta started in December 2021, Farm Me is set to grow and evolve with its unique game infrastructure (G-INFA) designed to welcome and support other games that use non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This enables a shared ecosystem that will continue to grow alongside ideas from both gamers and developers, leading to a better gaming community.

Publishers interested to explore the potential of the metaverse with new islands, worlds, and limitless experiences can leverage Farm Me to crowdfund through issuing tokens within the G-INFA universe. Investors are also given the opportunity to analyze potential projects and support publishers in long-term development.

The ever-expanding ecosystem, sharing of resources, and new and exciting events will continue to populate the world of Farm Me, which will help expand the game’s reach and influence within the metaverse space, the current roadmap is as follows:


  • Lunar New Year Top Guilds competition
  • NFT box sale – round 1
  • IDO/IEO listing
  • Official launch of Farm Me


  • New Battle features to improve the game experience – Player versus Enemy, Player versus Player


  • VR technical test to explore new technologies and improve Farm Me

Prior to an IDO listing, Farm Me’s NFTs has been adopted widely with 4 test versions to collect user’s feedback before launching, driving community conversations. It is a testament to the Farm Me’s commitment to developing NFTs properly, bridging the gap between traditional gaming and GameFi.

"To differentiate itself from other NFT games, Farm Me utilizes the expertise of its developers to deliver both engaging gameplay and standout graphics, while truly embracing the free-to-play mechanic," CEO of Farm Me, Viet Nguyen, explained.

Players would be able to earn both in-game items and NFTs that possess transferable value outside of Farm Me. The NFT Marketplace Rental also allows interested players to exchange or rent NFTs to start the game with shared benefits. In addition, Farm Me provides a job platform that enhances the play-to-earn aspect, bridging the gap between investors and players.

Farm Me, which is also incubated by GFS Venture and TAG Venture among others, aims to provide similar value to the community that is helping the game to grow. The Farm Me Community Fund (FMCF) helps support corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects, and players can do their part in making the world a better place.

About Farm Me

Farm Me is a multiplayer-building game that runs on platform, which was inspired by popular traditional games such as Harvest Moon, Hay Day, and more. Using AR/VR technology, FarmMe created a universe on the cloud with multiple enchanted lands for players to play and earn. With distinctive features and an engaging storyline, Farm Me is not only a marketplace to earn but also a real game to satisfy even the most hardcore gamers.

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