NCMF-North Luzon Plays Peacemaker for Balik-Islam Spouses in Pampanga



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NCMF-North Luzon Regional Director Atty. Bai Raihanah Sarah T. Macarimpas-Pacasum. (Credit: RSTM)

SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga — The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF)-North Luzon Regional Office under the leadership of Regional Director Attorney Bai Raihanah Sarah T. Macarimpas-Pacasum has been playing a lot of roles in the region.

Credit for images: NCMF-North Luzon Pampanga Sub-Office

This is aside from delivering programs, projects, and services, including humanitarian work in times of emergency occasioned by disasters, natural or man-made.

In  relation with this, the NCMF-North Luzon under the guidance and watchful eyes of Regional Director Macarimpas-Pacasum played the role of a peacemaker on June 8, 2022 among spouses of the province’s Balik-Islam community as the Office exerted efforts to preserve and maintain household and community peace.

NCMF-Pampanga Sub-Office Provincial Director Attorney Abbas S. Macadatar, taking a cue from the regional director, received and hosted Balik-Islam spouses who were apparently in some kind of problem.

Thus, Provincial Director Macadatar mediated on their problem which concerned the provision of support for their daughter who is still a minor.

Let’s hear it from the NCMF-North Luzon Sub-Office’s narration:

As a backgrounder, Ainah alleged that her husband, Saud, failed in his obligation to provide support for their daughter. NCMF-Pampanga requested Saud to answer the allegation. He, together with his mother, sister, and the Imam of their community, then went to NCMF-Pampanga to give their side of the story.
Subsequently, the parties met at NCMF-Pampanga to settle their differences and voluntarily stipulated on the issues of support and visitation rights over their daughter. They also agreed that NCMF-Pampanga will monitor their faithful compliance thereof.
In the case of the Balik-Islam spouses, as they say, all is well that ends well!
Meanwhile, in recognition of NCMF-North-Luzon peacemaking role, the Commission cited and thanked NCMF-Pampanga for the assistance extended to the family. (/)

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