Heart to Heart Talk: Child, Child Are You Ready Now? Heart, Vaccination, Etc.

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(SDN) — Now that it’s the School Year 2022-2023, children of school age will troop to their classrooms for the first nationwide face-to-face classes.

School mates and classmates will be able to see each other after the long coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Rubbing elbows, as along as it’s safe and practicing social distancing.

School officials should see to it that the minimum health protocols are observed strictly.

Opening of schools for 2022-2023 as decided by the Department of Education (DepED) headed by Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte started Monday, August 22nd and concludes on July 07, 2023.

The DepEd had recorded a total of 27,158,578 enrollees. Target number of enrollees was 28.6 million students. Short.

With the coronavirus disease, or Covid-19, still very much in the air and sub-variants are easily, children are vulnerable, moreso if they are not vaccinated and boosted.

With this in mind, the Philippine ❤️Heart Association (PHA) will hold a media Forum on August 31 titled “Usapang Puso sa Puso: Bata, Bata Handa ka na Na? Heart, School, Vaccine, ATBP”, said Gynna  Gagelonia, PHA’s media officer.

A battery of medical expects are on board for the online media forum as they discuss safety nets, the things the kids have to watch out for, the importance of complying with the government’s health protocols, among others.

The PHA has been conducting the health- and medical-focused media fora to keep Filipinos abreast with health tips, information to keep their heart well attuned. — EKU (✓)


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