PCSO Strongly Defends Integrity of Lotto Draws after 6/55 Incident

Just payback time for 433 loyalists of lotto combination — 09-18-27-36-45-54 — that won Grand Lotto 6/55’s Php236-million jackpot on Saturday, October 01, 2022

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PCSO General Manager Melquiades A. Robles fielding questions from members of the news media in today’s press conference to explain the incident of 433 winning bets for Grand Lotto 6/55 drawn on October 1, 2022. (Photo: SDN — Science and Digital News)

PCSO HQ, Mandaluyong City, October 2, 2022 (SDN) — It was natural, there was no computer glitch, or hacking, just plain bettors loyal to their “alaga” (favorite combination).

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) strongly defended today, Sunday, the incident over the Grand Lotto 6/55 drawing on Saturday, October 1, during which it produced 433 winning bets.

PCSO officials led by General Manager Melquiades A. Robles, with Assistant General Manager Arnel Casas for Gaming, Product Development and Marketing Sector Department, Assistant General Manager Liza Gabuyo for Administrative Sector, and others needed to meet members of the media to explain what really happened and allay suspicions of “lutong makaw” (fixed) drawings.

With a total of 433 winners, each winning ticket will get just over half a million pesos (Php545,245.23) from the total 6/55 jackpot of P236,091.188.40.

Mostly likely because of the stunning number of winning tickets (it’s possible that a single bettor has more than one ticket), this created a backlash of incredulity and doubts that something amiss happened.

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But as Robles and company emphasized, there was nothing of the sort, all natural happening, just hundreds of bettors who were loyal to their favorite numbers or lotto combination.

So, it was payback time, the PCSO official said.

According to figures the PCSO shared with this journalist, the mode of betting of the 433 winning tickets are:

  • 415 — Self-pick or Standard bets (alaga in Pilipino translation)
  • 12 — Lucky Pick (Lotto terminal picking the numbers)
  • 5 — System 7 (seven combinations in one bet)
  • 10 System (10 combinations)

The 12 Lucky Pick winning tickets were purchased in Bohol (2); Cavite (1); Cebu (1); Laguna (1); Metro Manila (1); Negros Oriental (1); Palawan (1); Pampanga (2); and Surigao del Norte (1).

In terms numbers of winners of the 433 lucky tickets, the top 10 are: 1. Metro Manila has the biggest number of winners with 151; 2. Cavite, 34; 3. Rizal, 22; 4. Bulacan, 21; 5. Laguna, 21; 6. Batangas, 14; 7. Cebu, 14; 8. Pampanga, 13; 9. Pangasinan, 11; 10. Benguet and Iloilo, with 10 each.

As it was shown by the many bettors who bet on the winning combination of 09-45-36-27-18-54 (of which every number can be divided by “9”), the “loyalists” got lucky with the Grand Lotto draw.

Casas said of 433 winning tickets, 12 were lucky bets, and 421 were “alaga”.

He told the members of the media that in the previous lotto draws, hundreds of the same number combination also received bets, which showed that the numbers were really “alaga” of the punters and have been betting on it.

“If pays to be loyal, even to your wife,” Robles says.

As it is the case since the passage and approval of the TRAIN Law, lotto prizes exceeding Php10,000 are subject to a 20 percent tax deduction.

PCSO Assistant General Manager Arnel Casas, head of Gaming, Product Development and Marketing Sector Department. (Photo: SDN — Science and Digital News)

“The result of the October 1 Grand Lotto draw is an indication that the more you play lotto the more that you have the chance of winning. Every time you play, the entire nation wins,” the PCSO insists in a statement distributed to the news media.

“Each and every one of you playing any of the PCSO games is a big contributor to the funds provided by the PCSO to the government, LGUs (local government units), and especially to the various charity programs of the agency. Without your Php20 PCSO cannot give anything to anyone,” the statement continues.

During the media briefing, Robles emphasized the lotto is “a game of chance…no one can predict what numbers will be drawn, that is why there is a prize.”

“There is no science or statistics involve in determining the winning numbers unless you will play all the number combinations. There is no human intervention in choosing the winning numbers as these are selected by the draw machines. The only human intervention is the pressing of the button to switch on the machine,” the charity agency explains.

Furthermore, the PCSO pointed out the actual draws are being done in the presence of a representative of the Commission on Audit (COA) and telecast live on People’s Television (PTV4) Channel. The draws are also streamed live on the PCSO Official Facebook Page, PCSO Games Hub FB Page, PCSO YouTube and PTV4 FB Page.

“PCSO assures every Filipino whether you are playing lotto or not that the conduct and result of every draw is very transparent and of utmost integrity,” the statement assured. (/)

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