DTI Official Sees ProPak Philippines a ‘Game-Changer’ as the Event Sets Return in February 2023

The ProPak Philippines grand show on packaging is set for a comeback in February 2023 and will focus on three major themes: Sustainability, Automation, and Packaging Design

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         (SDN) November 08, 2022 — The ProPak Philippines grand show on packaging is set for a comeback in February 2023 and will focus on three major themes: Sustainability, Automation, and Packaging Design.

         Organized by Informa Markets on February 1-3, 2022, it will be staged at the World Trade Center (WTC), Pasay City, Metro Manila.

         And this early an official of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Assistant Director Dr. Jhino Ilano at Export Marketing Bureau, sees the event a “game-changer”.
         He qualified his statement in an exclusive interview with SDN – SciTech and Digital News, one of the winners in the Platinum Heart Media Award 2022 of the Philippine Heart Association (PCA) and the Philippine College of Cardiology (PCC).
         “It’s a game-changer because manufacturing, different Filipino companies would learn different innovative solutions as to packaging because, if we try to look at Filipino products, we already have quality. And I think that can be properly complemented with a very good packaging that would be sustainable and something that is compliant with different environmental solutions that are being requested by companies,” the DTI official said.
         “So, I think ProPak is a possible game-changer for the Philippine merchandize exports because if we have a good packaging coupled with great quality products that we have to offer, I think that would definitely improve and boost Filipinos.”
         Mark Prakasvudhisarn, events manager at Informa Markets, in a separate interview with SDN, revealed that world-class packaging designers will be coming in to attend the event.
On the left is Informa Markets Events Organizer Mark Prakasvudhisarn and Trade Assistant Director Jhino Ilano. (Photo: SDN – Scitech and Digital News)
         He said the designers are from Thailand, Germany, United States, France, and others, to showcase the latest packaging innovations and show them to Filipinos.
         The Thai national said the event will include a number of highlights, including a Sustainability Square, which is an interactive exhibitor zone that will show visitors how the packaging industry and extended processing sectors, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, among others, adopt to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.
          Another of the highlights is a ProPak Connect, a business-to-business (B2B) online supplier platform and a content hub that facilitates online marketing activities, to include supplier and buyer sourcing, networking, interactive product and machine demos, and virtual and hybrid events.
          Prakasvudhisarn said still another highlight is the DTI Packaging Awards which will give recognition to innovative packaging ideas by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), Women, Youth, PWDs (Persons with Disabilities), and Indigenous People’s (IPs)-led companies. The Packaging Awards will also go to association pavilions of the Production and Operations Management Association of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PROMAP).

ProPak Philippines has many highlights

          The Informa Markets officer said the 2023 ProPak Philippines event will focus on three aspects, such as Sustainability, Automation, and Packaging Design.
More highlights of next year’s ProPak Philippines include innovations and advancements in processing, manufacturing, and packaging technology. It is expected to connect international suppliers to local and regional buyers in food, drink, and pharmaceutical companies.
        Prakasvudhisarn, Ilano and key leaders of the country’s various industry were at the ProPak Philippines press conference today, Tuesday, at the I’M Hotel in Makati City, Metro Manila.
ProPak Philippines had its first run in 2019, then in 2020. But the world’s biggest disruptor of all affairs on Earth, the coronavirus pandemic, prevented the event’s staging in 2021 and this year as Covid-19 continued its deadly rush, though on a slower rate, lately.
           This early, though, as the preparations for the event’s comeback gets full swing, many companies have already confirmed their participation, among them, Miura Singapore Co. Pte. Ltd., and many others.
           A statement from Informa Markets said the event will gather various industries engaged in the latest in packaging and processing technologies and connecting them with the business community.
          Among others, there will be conference and training courses to be given by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP); packaging consultations for MSMEs; talks and workshops in manufacturing and packaging to be led by the DTI, PROMAP, and the Active and Intelligent Packaging Association (AIPIA).
When the day comes, participants will cover companies in processing machinery, technology, and materials in the sectors of filling, quality assurance, testing and measurement, maintenance, and their related fields of automation, instrumentation, transportation, refrigeration, storage, and pollution control. Not to be accounted out are businesses doing labeling, printing, water treatment equipment, plastics processing, and wrapping machinery.
         Officials of the DTI assured continued support for the staging of ProPak Philippines, saying, “we can definitely work together and collaborate.” (/)

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