San Juan City Students Win Big In International Mathematics Competition

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Mayor Francis Zamora was greeted with great news at the start of this week with another international milestone for the students of San Juan City as 33 young mathematicians from San Juan City Academic Senior High School brought home awards from the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad – Heat Round, in October 2022.

“I feel happy and proud to be greeted with news that not just one, not just two, but 33 of our young San Juaneño students from our very own public school winning in another international competition, and at mathematics at that with 100% winning rate,” the mayor declared.

San Juan City had 33 contestants join the math olympiad with everyone winning a medal each – 1 gold, 9 silver and 23 bronze medals.

These awards add to the growing number of international hauls of the San Juan City Academic Senior High School, led by their OIC-Principal Dr. Rina A. Angeles. Six months ago, the school produced six winners from the Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad.

“These achievements are products of perseverance and team work by our LGU (local government unit), the principals, teachers, students and parents who all joined hands in making sure our students get the best education in the country,” Dr. Cecille Carandang, Schools Division superintendent of the San Juan City Schools Division Office, said.

San Juan City Academic Senior High School introduced a school-based innovation called the Academic SHS-MOTP (Senior High School – Mathematical Olympiad Training Program) Online 2022, a program implemented by Mather Teacher Adrian P. Monilla and Angeles. Monilla was recognized in the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad as Outstanding Coach by the Math Olympiad Training League for coaching winners in two consecutive international mathematical events while San Juan City was hailed as Top Performing School in the Philippines.

“People used to doubt the quality of education our public schools provided but San Juan City is a testament that with the LGU and DepEd (Department of Education) working hand in hand, we can produce the best students from our public schools that this country can really be proud of,” said Zamora.

Mayor Francis Zamora via Twitter.

Here are the 33 winners of the Thailand International Mathematician Olympiad – Heat Round 2022:

Gold Medalist

1. Christian Derek S. Padua

Silver Medalists

1. Angelou B. Orolfo

2. Joy Anmae Abrera

3. Kyla D. Orcajada

4. Angela Rose Mae F. Villas

5. Daphne Ermentrude E. Fabila

6. Maritoni B. Clemente

7. Nikka D. Orcajada

8. Rafael Jabe T. Nicolas

9. Sam Albert Nicole Dy. Delos Santos

Bronze Medalists

1. Cassey C. David

2. Kurt Ethan Nicolai Tusara

3. Marl Simon M. Evangelista

4. Patrick N. Gimenez

5. Prince Billy J, Busayong

6. Vladimir M. Manalang

7. Lyca Nicole T. Eugenio

8. Stephanie C. De Gracia

9. Jaciel Mell J. Odi

10. Jeremy Emannuel De Leon

11. Keira Denisse L. Villalobos

12. Lorenz Ivan C. De Ala

13. Miles Zoe L. Bernales

14. Caitleen Reese B. Orocio

15. Fenina Shanen D. Viloria

16. Saharah B. Polangi

17. Drei Lorenz B. Guerrero


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