Vietnam and Kazakhstan that we did not aware about,

  • Experiencing the cultures of two countries with the five senses at Yeouido Hangang Park

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Bo Gyoon, hereafter referred to as the MCST) and the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (President Jung Kilhwa, hereafter referred to as the KOFICE) held the ‘2022 Culture Bridge Festa’, a world cultural experience festival, with the theme of Vietnam and Kazakhstan, at the Yeouido Hangang Park Event Plaza from October 14 (Fri) to 16 (Sun). Over the three days of the event, more than 10,000 visitors participated in the festival.

2022 Culture Bridge Festa Korea-Vietnam-Kazakhstan Joint Fashion Show
2022 Culture Bridge Festa Korea-Vietnam-Kazakhstan Joint Fashion Show

Korea, Vietnam and Kazakhstan, connected through cultural experience

This festival has the value of expanding opportunities to enjoy cultural diversity by introducing and exchanging cultures from around the world in Korea. This year, the target countries were Vietnam and Kazakhstan, and Korea and the two countries had connected each other through cultural experiences that can satisfy the five senses.

Visitors wore the colorful traditional Vietnamese costume ‘Ao Dai’ and took a photo at the photo zone, and the experience of decorating ‘Non La’, a traditional Vietnamese hat, was also popular. They could enjoy making yurt models by entering a yurt, a traditional house in Kazakhstan, and there was also a movie theater where visitors can enjoy the vast natural landscape of Kazakhstan.

Exotic performances by Vietnamese and Kazakh artists

On the street, a parade of ‘Kazakhstan Giant Soldiers (Arlan Zhete)’, who has an average height of over 2m, was held. The ‘Viet Nam Contemporary Arts Theater’ demonstrated a bamboo stem dance play with the audience, allowing citizens who went on a weekend outing to the Han River to enjoy the exotic atmosphere as if they had gone on a trip to Vietnam and Kazakhstan.

Asia Song Festival and Culture Bridge Festa held together

In particular, this year’s Festa was co-hosted with the ‘Asia Song Festival’, further expanding the opportunity to enjoy cultural diversity among Asian countries. In the ‘Asia Song Festival’ held on October 14, which was the first day of the Culture Bridge Festa, a total of 10 teams from 7 countries, including Korean musicians including ‘Oh My Girl’ and ‘Gray’, participated and performed live performances of various music genres. On the 15th, 30 models representing Korea, Vietnam and Kazakhstan presented a joint fashion show. On the 16th, the Suwon City Chorale performed a concert with musicians from Vietnam and Kazakhstan, delivering Asian melodies that have been linked to culture and art.


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