FUJIFILM Business Innovation Transforms Workplace Technology with Unified Communication Solution

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MANILA — FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp. has announced recently the launch of Work:Sphere, a one-stop unified communication solution that enables seamless connectivity, improves customer experience, and increase employee engagement and participation with renowned partners*1, such as Fun Technology Innovation Inc. (FTI), Newline, ViewSonic, Jabra, Reactive Suite, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Meeting the increasing demands for an integrated connection across various locations — home and office environments and optimizing both remote and onsite experience, Work: Sphere is geared to deliver three key benefits — Seamlessly Connected, Effective Work Collaboration, and Integrated End-to-End Services. 

  • Seamlessly Connected

Brings spaces, people, and knowledge together using technology that bridges the gap between in-office and virtual meetings.

  • Effective Work Collaboration

Increase work productivity while enjoying more engaging meetings with an array of cutting-edge audio and video components, paired with collaboration software for real-time connectivity. 

  • Integrated End-to-End Services

Offers comprehensive consultation, customer support, and technical expertise that go beyond your business needs.

“Though Covid-19 has caused massive disruption, it has evolved how we think, work, and communicate, and further reiterated the need to enjoy business continuity, regardless of location and without compromising on productivity,” said Masatsugu Naito, president, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific.

“We are very excited to share our new one-stop solution, Work: Sphere, that can help our valued customers, to adapt, adopt and advance in the hybrid workstyle effortlessly. Together with our trusted partners, let us work together and unlock your potential to spur business growth, but most importantly, communicate seamlessly without limits.”

Instead of spending long hours researching for various vendors using multiple collaboration tools and software, all businesses will now be able to access an integrated suite of tools and solutions offering four workspace options, each to specifically address their needs – personal desk, huddle space, 4-to-8-person meeting room and 8+ person meeting.

How Work: Sphere solution supports various workspace options

  1. Personal Desk

A personal office desk or home office with the right tools for hybrid meetings.

Be equipped with a 23.8-inch interactive display, wide-angle camera, dual omni-direction microphones, headsets, collaboration and video conferencing software

  1. Huddle Space

From impromptu to casual meetings of smaller groups, the tools provided will be able to keep conversations going.

Be equipped with a 23.8-inch interactive display, full room coverage camera, dual omni-direction microphones, speakerphones, collaboration and video conferencing software

  1. Meeting Room for 4-8 persons

Bigger rooms that enable hybrid meetings with video conferencing quality and collaboration tools that are better than ever.

Be equipped with a 65-inch interactive display, full room coverage camera, dual omni-direction microphones, speakerphones, collaboration and video conferencing software

  1. Meeting Room for 8+ persons

Customers can level up the meeting experience with complete audio, video, and communication software for seamless, uninterrupted discussions.

Be equipped with a 75-inch or 86-inch interactive display, panoramic camera, omni direction microphones, speakerphones and collaboration and video conferencing software

With Work: Sphere, users can now enjoy higher productivity and effective costs management through an integrated suite of office communication solutions. For information on Work: Sphere, please visit https://www.fujifilm.com/fbph/phi/worksphere/


About FUJIFILM Business Innovation

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is a global leader committed to continuously deliver innovations to customers’ businesses worldwide, for creating innovative and fulfilling workplaces by effectively adopting information and knowledge through digital transformation (DX). We have pioneered numerous technologies and accumulated expertise since our establishment in 1962, to build an environment that encourages the use of one’s creativity to maximize organizational strengths. Our portfolio includes conducting R&D, manufacturing and sales of world-class workflow solutions, IT services, and printing equipment such as digital multifunction printers (MFPs). We also offer business process outsourcing (BPO) services as well as marketing and implementation support of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

On April 1, 2021, we have changed the company name to FUJIFILM Business Innovation. More than just a name change, it embodies our commitment to continue as a company that always pursues business innovation.



About FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp. (FUJIFILM BI PH) is a leading provider and trusted partner for quality document services and communications, enabling people and businesses to share knowledge across all platforms seamlessly. Established in 1965, FUJIFILM BI PH employs approximately 200 staff, including a team of industry leading professionals who support our portfolio of document management technologies, IT solutions, and customer communication services. FUJIFILM BI PH offers a holistic ecosystem of products and solutions to enable businesses to achieve increased productivity and efficiency. This includes world-class office multifunction devices, cloud and mobile solutions, multichannel marketing solutions, and business process management solutions.

FUJIFILM BI PH is a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Business Innovation (Japan), a consolidated subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation. To learn more about FUJIFILM BI PH’s commitment to innovation, customer service and sustainability, please visit https://www.fujifilm.com/fbph/en.

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