Bangsamoro Parliament Approves Budget of MILG for FY 2023


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  • ATTY. NAGUIB G. SINARIMBO, Minister, Ministry of the Interior and Local Government

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         (COTABATO CITY — Busy day for us as usual at the Ministry today, November 25, 2022.
         1. We were invited to the Budget deliberation of the Committee on Finance and Budget of the Bangsamoro Parliament for the presentation and approval of our Ministry’s 2023 budget. Our budget was ably presented and defended by our chair at the Sub Committe, Minister of Parliament (MP) Baintan Baintan. Our budget was finally approved. I even joked when the Chair, MP Ed Guerra, asked for our final message after our budget was approved.
         I narrated that when I was still a practicing lawyer (literal translation, pinagpapraktisan ko mga kliyente namin), I have a very good Chinese client who would often prod me to speak during hearings as I was very reserved, or to be accurate, deliberate and would only speak when necessary. In one hearing, we encountered a very talkative opposing counsel who would lengthily argue and would often face his client instead of the presiding magistrate. When my client noticed that I seldom speak and fearing that we might loss the case, he leaned over and whispered to me in his classic Chinese Filipino language, “Tolni, ikaw dagdag sabi, ako dagdag bayad.” (Attorney, you talk more, and I pay you more.) He he. Akala yata magsalita lang ang abugado pag may bayad. (He thought a lawyer will only talk if there is payment.)
         In today’s budget hearing, however, “Maski wala dagdag sabi si Tolni Minister, melon dagdag budget.” (Even if attorney did not say more, there is increase in the budget.) But truly, from the men and women of the MILG (Ministry of the Interior and Local Government), maramjng maraming salamat po (thank you so much) for approving our budget!
         2. On a more serious note, this afternoon, we formally announced the LGU (local government unit) awardees for 2022 SEAL or Salamat Excellence Award for Leadership and LGAIP or Local Government Award for Innovative Practices. The awardees are Mayor R. Insular of South Upi as lone SEAL Awardee, and Mayors Abdulkarim Langkuno and Piang-Flores of Paglat and Upi, respectively, for LGAIP. These LGUs will each receive Php 2.5-Million worth of projects. For the SEAL awardee, he will also receive a personalized 18-karat Gold medallion worth Php400,000. The formal awarding ceremony will be on the BARMM Anniversary in January next year. Congratulations to all of you!
         3. We also graduated another batch of ICS (Incident Command System) trainees totaling 55 from the different LGUs in our provinces, our partners from the security sector, and representatives from our Ministries in the BARMM. These graduates will further strengthen our capacity to manage planned events and disasters across the region. (/)

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