NCMF-North Luzon, RD Macarimpas Invite Auditions for Regional Qur’an Reading Competition


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NCMF-North Luzon Regional Director Atty. Bai Raihanah Sarah T. Macarimpas-Pacasum.

BAGUIO CITY — One of the regular programs of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) is the staging of the annual National Qur’an Reading Competition (NQRC).

Preceding the NQRC is the regional level to determine the representative of each of the Commission’s Regional Offices.

As this is another year for holding the Islamic event, NCMF regional offices are starting to perk up to search for their representatives to the national level.

In relation with this, the NCMF-North Luzon regional officer headed by Regional Director Bai Raihanah Sarah T. Macarimpas-Pacasum is calling on Qur’an readers/reciters to participate in an audition.

But first, everyone wishing to join the audition must make sure she or he is a bonafide resident of North Luzon. According to Northern Luzon is comprised of seven provinces, such as Aurora, Bataan, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, and Zambales; the region has 12 cities and 118 municipalities.

​         Macarimpas-Pacasum, a young lawyer, and daughter of former NCMF director Abdullah “Abel” Macarimpas, posted an announcement on her Facebook account.
         “We would like to invite all interested participants to audition for the NCMF-North Luzon Regional Qur’an Reading Competition,” the NCMF-North Luzon regional head said.
         Those who wish to participate have until January 18, 2023, to submit the requirements.
         They must have a three-minute video recording reciting any “Ayah” (Verse) of the Holy Qur’an’s Surah (Chapter) Al-Qaaf for male, and any verse of Surah Ar-Rahman for female; Biodata with photograph; proof of their residency in North Luzon, valid ID with address, Barangay Certificate, or any document that will show proof of their residency.
         Audition participants may submit their requirements to:
NCMF-North Luzon (
1st Basement, Gestdan Centrum, 80 Bokawkan Road,
Baguio City, Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR)
         Winners of the regional competitions will go on to represent their respective region in the national championship competition.
         In line manner, the male and female categories winners of the NQRC will represent the Philippines in international Qur’an reading competitions held in various Muslim and non-Muslim countries.
International Qur’anic competitions are being held in Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Brunei, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, among other countries.
         Participants of the international events also serve as ambassadors of goodwill of their respective country and become a venue to know more each other, renew ties, and open new linkages. (/)

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