FUJIFILM Business Innovation Launches Entry Model A3 Monochrome Multifunction Printer 

New product design to enhance daily productivity and user operability

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MANILA, February 7, 2023 – FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp. will launch four entry level A3 monochrome multifunction printers, the Apeos 2150 series, catering to small and medium sized business in the Philippines.

Apeos 2150 series is the fourth-generation device that has been designed and developed to address the needs of users in the Philippines. With the One-Pass Duplex Scan functionNote 1, double-sided documents can now be scanned quickly by a single-pass thus improving energy efficiency and overall productivity. In addition, the newly added Auto Printout Rotation function helps to save time and effort by enabling easy collation of multiple print sets, as compared to time consuming manual sorting. 

New features such as automatic straightening of skewed ID card copy and scan, and paper output customization which allows paper size to be adjusted as per different processes helps to increase workflow efficiency.  

The dedicated mobile application Print UtilityNote 3, along with pre-installed NFCNote 2 and Wi-Fi DirectNote 2 enhanced overall user experience by allowing user to print directly from their mobile phones to the device, at anytime and anywhere.

The Apeos 2150 series are built with robust capabilities that will enable SMB users to enjoy enhanced work efficiency and an increase in overall productivity.

Specifications and availability of the Apeos 2150 series

Model Name Sales area Print Speed Auto Document Feeder Duplex


Wi-Fi Mobile UI
Apeos 2150 ND Asia Pacific, excluding Mainland China 21ppm Optional Standard Optional N/A
Apeos 2150 NDA 21ppm Standard Standard Optional N/A

Note 1: Supported by Apeos 2150 NDA, Apeos 2150 ND (Optional)

Note 2: Apeos 2150 NDA(Optional), Supported by Apeos 2150 ND (Optional)

Note 3: Print Utility can be downloaded free of charge from App Store or Google PlayTM (/)


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