Hyosung Chairman Hyun-joon Cho Visits the US as a Member of the Economic Delegation from Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hyosung Chairman Hyun-joon Cho accompanied President Suk-yeol Yoon’s state visit to the US as a member of Yoon’s economic delegation. Chairman Cho attended the official event held in Washington, D.C. and engaged in activities to enhance economic cooperation between the US and Korea.

Hyun-joon Cho, the Chairman of Hyosung Group
Hyun-joon Cho, the Chairman of Hyosung Group

Chairman Cho attended events such as the US-Korea Business Roundtable and the US-Korea Business Forum for High-tech Industries, forming close relationships and establishing cooperative plans with CEOs of major US corporations.

He then proceeded to participate in the welcoming event and state dinner held at the White House to meet with both heads of the state, President Suk-yeol Yoon and President Biden, and made lasting impressions as he engaged in networking with other people of influence in US politics.

As Chairman Cho continues to build relationships with the finance and political figures in the US, Hyosung’s business in the US is expected to expand further.

Hyosung is currently operating businesses related to electricity, ATM, tire cords, air bag fabric materials in the US. In 2022, Hyosung has recorded approximately USD 1.8 billion in US sales and its sales continue to grow every year.

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