International Investors May Be Able To Pursue Northstar (Bermuda) Losses From Broker-Dealers

Japanese Retirees File Seven-Figure Broker Fraud Lawsuit Against Bankoh Investment Services

HOUSTON, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — If you are non-US citizen whose broker-dealer sold you annuity and annuity-like investments in Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda), there is still time to explore your legal options. Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas ( has been investigating the brokerage firms that marketed and sold this offshore investment to customers, many of whom have suffered significant investment losses. These investors are foreign nationals who worked with a US-based broker-dealer to invest their money. A lot of them are seniors whose retirement funds and life savings have taken a huge hit.

Two of those investors are an older Japanese couple who are now suing Bankoh Investment Services and financial advisor Yoko K. Farias. In their Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) lawsuit, which we filed on their behalf, they are seeking up to $1M in damages.

These Japanese citizens had a US account with Bank of Hawaii, which is how they were introduced to Farias who works out of the Honolulu branch. In their annuity loss case, the retirees are alleging overconcentration, negligent due diligence, misrepresentations, and other claims. Not only that, but also, they contend that they were promised safe returns, minimal risk, and that their principal would be guaranteed. Instead, Farias purportedly invested a significant amount of their money in an investment that was incredibly high-risk and unsuitable for them even as they continued to be reassured that their assets were safe. 

Why Work With Our Northstar (Bermuda) Loss Attorneys?
We have conducted a lot of discovery into why the brokers who sold Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) should be held liable. Should we agree to work together you will join our unit of Northstar (Bermuda) claims being represented by all of skilled securities lawyers who are very familiar with this entity and the kinds of broker misconduct that led to so many international investors losing money. 

Going after your broker-dealer is your best bet if you want to maximize your chances for a full financial recovery.

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