Heybike Receives UL2849 Safety Certification

Heybike’s Commitment to Safety and Quality

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Heybike, a leading e-bike brand, is proud to announce that it has received the UL 2849 battery safety certification. Receiving this certification validates Heybike’s constant pursuit of quality and safety assurances underlined in their design and manufacturing process. Strict quality controls are integrated into every stage of Heybike’s production process, from design conception, down to the finished products that reach consumers.

Embodying their commitment, Heybike relentlessly enhances the e-bike experience by eliminating safety concerns and ensuring the reliability of their e-bikes. Becoming UL 2849 certified is a major milestone for Heybike.

What is UL 2849?

UL 2849 is a safety standard developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifically designed for electric bike batteries that goes beyond just mechanical and environmental safety. UL2849 in particular covers electrocution hazards that happen while charging the bike over the course of its life.

Developed in collaboration with industry leaders, the UL 2849 standards aid in evaluating the safety of e-bikes and electrically power-assisted cycles (EPACs). To get UL 2849 certification, the battery, drivetrain, and charging systems must be tested for electrical and fire safety issues.

The standards and regulations of UL 2849 assure consumers of the safety, quality and performance of the electrical systems in certified e-bikes. This further contributes to consumer peace of mind.

Why did Heybike Pursue UL 2849 certification?

For Heybike, safety isn’t a checkbox, it’s a commitment. Seeking to demonstrate this commitment to quality and safety, they aimed for the attainment of UL 2849 certification.

Since e-bike technology is still relatively new, potential hazards are constantly popping up. These hazards can scare away people who are on the fence about switching to an e-bike. Getting the UL 2849 certification shows these consumers that a greener and more convenient life is possible.

Considering recent law updates such as New York City Council’s Initiative 663-A, mandating third-party certification for e-bikes, e-scooters, and their lithium-ion batteries, the UL 2849 certification shows that Heybike is in compliance with the latest legal requirements and is dedicated to adhering to the best industry practices.

 "We are thrilled to receive the UL2849 certification for our e-bike batteries," says Jason, CEO of Heybike. "This certification is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality and safest products possible."

Receiving the UL2849 certification marks a significant milestone for Heybike. It’s achievements like these that prove the firm’s commitment towards safety and quality. Customers can ride with confidence knowing that Heybike’s e-bike batteries will be able to withstand even the harshest of conditions.

About Heybike

Heybike, founded by Jason and William, has grown very quickly in just a few years, expanding their inventory to over 40 models of premium electric bikes. This rapid growth enables Heybike to further their vision of empowering a sustainable future as the premier provider of green transportation solutions.

For more information on Heybike’s latest products and to stay up to date on news from the company, visit www.heybike.com and follow Heybike on facebook@heybikeofficial on Twitter, heybike_official on Instagram and YouTube and TikTok. To test ride the Heybike or learn more, visit your local dealer.

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