Series of Engaging Activities Await Attendees as Informa Markets, PE2 & SPECS Launch PhilEnergy 2024 Trade Event; Venue SMX Convention Center

Informa Markets outgoing Philippine Country Manager Gerard Leewenburgh claps as SPEC President Ariel Duran and new Informa Markets Country Manager for Philippines Rungpech Rose Chitanuwat show copies of the MOU they signed. At right is SPECS Chair Rodrigo Pecolera. (Photo: SDN – SciTech & Digital News)

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MAKATI DIAMOND RESIDENCES, Makati City, 12th September 2023 (SDN) — Informa Markets officially launched today, Tuesday, a new stand-alone energy trade event dubbed PhilEnergy 2024.

To implement the energy trade event scheduled for March 20-24 next year, Informa Markets signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance, Inc. (PE2) and Society of Philippine Electrotechnical Constructors and Suppliers. Inc. (SPECSI).

Signing for the three organizations are new Country Manager for Philippines Rungphech Rose Chitanuwat, Informa Markets; President Alexander Ablaza, PE2; and President Ariel Duran, SPECS.

A press statement from PhilEnergy organizers described the three-day event as the Philippines’ “most comprehensive energy trade event”. It will be held on March 20-24 next year at the SMX Convention Center, beside SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Metro Manila.

The SPECS president, in his speech at the launch lauded the coming energy for its role in driving the future of the industries in its sphere.

“This event serves as a platform for us to exchange ideas, networking, sharing experiences, forging valuable relationships and drive the future of our various industries,” Duran says.

He also described PhilEnergy 2024 as “another opportunity to explore deeper into the emerging trends, innovative technologies, and best practices shaping our future”.

PE2 President Alexander Ablaza and Informa Markets Country Manager for Philippines Rungphech Rose Chitanuwat sign their partnership with a handshake. They are flanked by Ms. Theresa Lapuz and Gerard W. Leewenburgh. (Photo: SDN — SciTech and Digital News)

It can be recalled that PhilEnergy was previously known as “RE EE Philippines” then co-located with the established Water Philippines trade show.

The new event’s organizers thought that today is the best time for “an independent comprehensive energy showcase”, thus the birth of PhilEnergy which brings “strong policy emphasis towards clean energy, energy efficiency and a net-zero future in the Philippines”.

As a stand-alone event, PhilEnergy was designed to highlight innovations and advancements in the energy and power sectors and connects international suppliers to local and regional buyers in the field.

This developed as the Philippine government gears up to set up secure, sustainable, and resilient energy strategies in anticipation of expanding renewable energy sector that leads to news means to use energy more efficiently.

Among others, the three-day event will be featuring conferences and seminars from supporting organizations of PhilEnergy, particularly its strategic partners PE2) and SPECS, Inc.

Ablaza noted the new event’s significance. “PhilEnergy remains a valuable event for us because it focuses the spotlight on energy efficiency as an excitingly new and progressive industry within the broader energy market of the Philippines,” PE2’s president emphasizes.

Leaders and organizers behind the energy trade event dubbed PhilEnergy 2024. (Photo: SDN — SciTech & Digital News)

On his part, engineer Duran of SPECS noted how the event can help members of his organization.

“As the world evolves in the new technology era, PhilEnergy is a good platform to help SPECS members and the electrical industry, specifically to engage or find new partners and suppliers for their business opportunities to keep pace with the rapid changes and prosper in the face of increasing competitiveness and for the growth of the country as a whole,” he points out.

PhilEnergy’s predecessor RE EE Philippines has assembled under one roof since its beginning in 2017 “energy leaders in a collaborative effort to propel the clean energy revolution towards a sustainable and next-zero future”.

The event’s objective is fostering the development of innovative renewable solutions that will shape the industry.

Companies that will exhibit at PhilEnergy 2024 will be able to showcase the latest innovations, build and expand business opportunities, and connect with quality buyers. (✓)

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