Taguig Students Think Big, Win Big as They Shine in Thailand’s International Science Drama Contest

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TAGUIG CITY (SDN) — Do you believe that scientists are cold and their research lacks heart? And that science lacks artistic creativity?

Taguig City Mayor Maria Laarni ‘Lani’ C Cayetano. (Photo: SDN — SciTech & Digital News)

Without conceding that scientists are cold, their research lacks heart, and science lacks artistic creativity, Filipino National Scientist and National Artist awardees gathered in February 2016 to discuss ways to develop an integrated strategy and program to promote the Filipino nation’s sustainable development.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) brought together the country’s “national treasures” under one roof at the Ilustrado Restaurant in Intramuros, Manila. They are many of the Philippines’ brightest minds in the arts, the humanities, and the sciences.

It was in the mind of the DOST to marry scientific research and the consciousness of national arts, culture and history — apparently, to infuse heart to science — with the goal of benefiting the Filipino nation. For was it not said that scientists are cold and their research lacks heart? Arts and humanities would be able to contribute warmth and heart, it was thought.

Perhaps, that’s one of the reasons why there’s an idea that people who are good in science lack artistic creativity. It may be true to a certain extent, but it does not mean it’s true in a general sense.

At least for students at the Sen. Renato “Compañero” Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School (SRCCMSTHS) of Taguig City, it’s not true.

It’s students at the Sen. Renato “Compañero” Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School (SRCCMSTHS) they are thinking big and winning big.

Credit: Taguig PIO


Smashing the stereotype that “science lacks artistic creativity”, 26 students of SRCCMSTHS’s Teatro Compañero-Cayetano SciTech Theater Club won not once but twice in the International Science Drama Competition (ISDC) 2023, held in Bangkok, Thailand.

An annual event hosted by the Science Centre Singapore, the ISDC aims to promote science among the youth through drama performances.

The Taguigeño students’ accomplishments elicited a warm acceptance from the City Government of Taguig led by Mayor Maria Laarni “Lani” L. Cayetano, congratulating them for their victory and “outstanding performance”.

“Congratulations! Your Probinsyudad takes immense pride in your accomplishments!” the Taguig local government exclaims.

In the process the Taguigeño busted the stereotype that science and artistic creativity can’t be together.

The Taguig Public Information Office (PIO) announced in a statement sent to members of the news media the other day the students accomplished the feats with award-winning scientific drama pieces.

Revolving around the theme “Producing Green, Consuming Clean”,the Taguigeño students and their trainer Judd Lawrence D. Guy-Joco hit the jackpot with their performances titled “Unseen” for the Short Film Category and “Tick…Tick…Snap…” for the Open Category.

And the winners are:

1ST PLACE (Short Film Category)

Title: “Unseen”
•Wenriz Lorell Nad
•Sharlene Mae Capilitan
•Kian Santos
•Roxynne Zyrra Lozada
•Hyuga Palmes
•Earl JanAdam Santillan
•Maria Victoria Margaret Tungala
•Jeliasha Kate Masayda
•Avril Patricio
•Vince Kristan Arcilla
•Charles Navidad
•Christopher Keith Bernido

1ST PLACE (Open Category)

Title: “Tick…Tick…Snap…”
•Charisse Macapagal
•Christopher Keith Bernido
•Keren Mae Rivera
•Yhiezy Gwyneth Alamar
•Lycah Mae Torres
•Angelo Justine Zaraspe
•Yeriel Gyan Pallada
•Bong Jr. Zaraspe
•Lindsey Santos
•Zelden Mailliard Garay
•Mia Juliana Managuelod
•Marvey Cabarles, Avril Patricio
•Wenriz Lorell Nad
•Vince Kristan Arcilla

•Keren Mae Rivera

The Taguig PIO noted the event aims to engage youth to communicate issues of sustainability through art and science and through story telling using scientific knowledge together with creativity and artistic performing skills.

Surely, winning is not easy, what more if a competition is held with international participants and you are up against the best of other countries.

It makes victory much sweeter for sure. (✓)

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