MENRE Joins CCH for Release of ‘Pawikan’ Hatchlings Davao City

Façade of the Office of the Chief Minister (OCM) Building of the BARMM Government. (Photo: SDN — SciTech and Digital News)

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COTABATO CITY — In its continued efforts toward environmental and wildlife conservation, the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (MENRE) joined forces with the Climate Change Commission (CCC) during the release of “pawikan” or turtle hatchlings and verification of a pawikan nest in Davao City on October 16.

The event, held at the Aboitiz Cleanergy Park in Punta Dumalag, Matina Aplaya, saw the release of the 18 remaining pawikan hatchlings. MENRE Minister Akmad Brahim, Bangsamoro MENRE Director General Atty. Badr Salendab, Environment Manangement Service (EMS) Director Jalani Pamlian, and CCC Secretary Robert E.A. Borje led the release of the hatchlings after a tour of the Aboitiz Cleanergy Park.

Following the release, the officials verified the latest pawikan nest in Davao City. This collaborative effort also involved representatives from Davao Light, with Reputation Enhancement Head Fermin Edillon, AVP for Engineering Operations Paul Michael Cazar, and Admin Head Reynold Felix joining the mission.

Credit: MENRE

The event was part of the capacity-building workshop conducted by the CCC to mentor officials from the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) in formulating and enhancing science-based, risk-informed plans. The workshop aimed to empower participants with knowledge in various areas, including the Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Climate Change Expenditure Tagging (CCET), and Accessing People’s Survival Fund.

Following the productive activities, a ministerial meeting with the CCC Secretary took place. Additionally, MENRE officials engaged in a meeting with Member of Parliament Tawakal Midtimbang to discuss legislative agenda.

Activities like the release of pawikan hatchlings and the verification of nests signify the strong commitment of MENRE to preserving and protecting the environment and our natural resources for the generations to come. (✓)


Source: MENRE

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