June 19, 2019

Tag: Cybersecurity

HackerOne Reveals Results of ‘Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities’ Report

​Media Release: HackerOne’s white hat hackers continue to collect millions of dollars in bug bounty rewards, now at US$54 million — and growing (SDN) — ON June 13, HackerOne made public what it described as a “never before seen research” naming cyberworld’s top 10 most impactful security vulnerabilities. HackerOne collected the vulnerabilities through its programs […]

HackerOne Creates Policy Builder to Build Security in Minutes

​Media Release: By Jobert Abma, Co-Founder, HackerOne IN today’s world, the majority of security vulnerabilities are introduced by software engineers. To build the most secure code, we must acknowledge the reality that vulnerabilities are still inevitable. They slip through your architecture design, code review, a CI/CD pipeline filled with automated detection, and penetration testing and […]

​Kaspersky Lab’s Threat Intelligence Bags Cybersecurity for IT Services Award

Media Releae: KASPERSKY Lab announced earlier today, June 3, the latest accolade its Threat Intelligence Service has received from Singapore Business Review (SBR) Technology Excellence Awards 2019. The global cybersecurity company’s enterprise service has risen to the top as it earns this year’s Cybersecurity for IT Services award. Stephan Neumeier, managing director for Asia Pacific […]

Huawei Calls on U.S. to Adjust its Approach to Tackle Cybersecurity Effectively

Media Release: Chinese tech giant files motion for summary judgment in its court case to accelerate process to halt illegal action against the company SHENZHEN, China, May 29 — Huawei today filed a motion for summary judgment as part of the process to challenge the constitutionality of Section 889 of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2019. It […]

​Incident Response: 5 Key Factors CISOs Should Consider When Building This Process

Media Release: By Maxim Frolov, Vice President of Global Sales at Kaspersky Lab AS attacks become more sophisticated and frequent, 86% of CISOs agree that cyber-incidents within their companies are inevitable. So, it comes as no surprise that the majority (76%) believe the speed and quality of incident response (IR) are the most important factors […]

IBM Cites BPO, Gaming in PH as Big Investors in Cybersecurity

(SDN) — AN executive of tech titan IBM has cited the Philippines for its initiative in driving awareness of cybersecurity risks and compliance. MALCOLM Rowe, leader of IBM Security Software and Services in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), met with a select number of reporters for a Media Roundtable in Makati City. He […]

ePLDT Warns Tourism Industry as Cybercriminals Target Visitor Information

Media Release: THE local travel industry has grown more competitive in securing bookings with the continuous rise in the number of tourist arrivals in the country. Last year, the Department of Tourism (DOT) posted a record-breaking 7.1 million international tourist arrivals, surpassing the 6.6 million arrivals in 2017 by 7.68 percent despite the six-month closure […]

​World Password Day: Ending the Use of Passwords in 5 Years

Media Release: AS the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” However, summoning up the “will” can be difficult as inertia is a powerful force. We are reminded of this every day when we type in a password to access our computers, online shopping accounts or to make a payment. With World Password […]

Gender Disparity and Skills Lack in Cybersecurity Open Opportunity for Women

Media Release:  RESEARCH shows more diverse teams are higher performing when compared to homogenous teams. Yet today, only 11% of cybersecurity professionals are women. This gender discrepancy, coupled with the cybersecurity skills shortage, offers women a valuable career opportunity, and gives organizations a means for filling the skills gap that currently plagues the industry. The […]

How to Avoid Getting Hooked by Mobile Phishing

​Media Release: Phishing is one of the most common hacks these days, from fraudulent emails to phone calls on mobiles. What can one do to prevent getting hoodwinked by hackers? Here’s an Op-Ed piece from Check Point Software, one of the leading cybersecurity vendors. By Brian Gleeson, Head of Mobile Security Product Marketing, Check Point […]