February 21, 2020

Tag: malware

You Got a Match! With a Cyber-criminal

Media Release: The past decade has brought digitization into practically every aspect of our lives and communication has probably transformed the most. People’s love lives are no exception and with Valentine’s Day approaching, singles and couples alike are under intensifying pressure to solidify their plans for this Saturday. Only for the singles and open-minded couples, […]

Cybercriminals Train Sight on Top Oscar Movies

Media Release: POPULAR films gain the attention of cybercriminals, no less than movie fans, with the Oscars in the calendar only upping the stakes. To better understand how cybercriminals try to capitalize on our interest in high-profile movies, Kaspersky researchers looked into the prevalence of such scams. With over 20 phishing websites and 925 malicious […]

Cybercriminals Unleash Malware on Top Grammy Music Award Nominees

Media Release: CYBERCRIMINALS have actively exploited the names of artists and songs nominated for Grammy 2020 awards, to spread malware. Kaspersky protection technologies detected a 39% rise in attacks (attempts to download or run malicious files) under the guise of nominees’ works in 2019, compared to 2018. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Post Malone were […]

Ransomware Attack vs. Cities in 2019: 174 and Counting

​Media Release: KASPERSKY security experts have branded 2019 the “year of ransomware attacks on municipalities” which bled millions of dollars in payments. This comes after the company’s researchers observed that at least 174 municipal institutions, with more than 3,000 subset organizations, have been targeted by ransomware during the last year. The figure represents a 60% […]

Star Wars Premiere Draws Phishing, Malware Attacks

​​Media Release: POPULAR films are often used by cybercriminals as bait to distribute malware, and the latest movie saga from “a galaxy far, far away” is no exception. This year, the latest, and last film of the sequel’s trilogy, has drawn the attention of attackers even before the premiere, with fraudulent websites and malicious files […]

Fortinet and New Threat Predictions for 2020

Media Release: By Derek Manky, Chief, Security Insights & Global Threat Alliances, Fortinet EVERY year at this time I gather together my latest research in cybercrime trends, threat research, and technology development and pull together a white paper that projects what the cybersecurity landscape will look like, both near term as well as out into […]

Fortinet: Emails Still Biggest Source of Malware

Media Release: By FortiGuard SE Team WHILE many of us may have taken a well-earned vacation over the summer, cybercriminals were hard at work looking for new ways to target and exploit our networks, devices, and services. The Fortinet Threat Landscape Report provides insights into the top threats and trends discovered and tracked by the […]

PHL 3rd Most Android Mobile Malware Target in SEA

Media Release: DATA from Kaspersky from January to September 2019 show the Philippines ranked third among Southeast Asian countries with the highest Android mobile malware attempts detected and blocked by the cybersecurity company. The Philippines has been in the same spot since 2017, next to list-toppers Indonesia and Malaysia, respectively.   Number of Android attacks blocked […]

IoT Devices Under Attack; China Top Source

By EDD K. USMAN, SDN, Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital & Current News (SDN) — INTERNET of Things (IoT) devices continue to be under constant attack. A Kaspersky research showed China (30%) is the number one source of the worldwide onslaught, followed by Brazil (19%), and third (surprise?), the land of […]