July 15, 2020

Tag: Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

UAE Launches Search for 50-Year Brand Logo

By EDD K. USMAN Twitter: @edd1819, Instagram: @bluestar0910, Facebook: Science, Digital & Current News (SDN) — NOW 48th years old, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is searching for a country brand logo it will use for its next 50 years. The UAE, a federation of seven emirates founded on December 2, 1971, is making the […]

UAE Strengthens Year of Tolerance 2019 through Various Initiatives

By EDD K. USMAN, SDN, Twitter @edd1819, Instagram @bluestar0910, Facebook: SDN — Science, Digital & Current Affairs (SDN) — PEOPLES of the world — all seven billion-plus of them — should coexist in peace and respect regardless of color, culture, religion, and race. Obviously, this call is a core principle behind the United Arab Emirates (UAE) declaration making […]

Sheikh Zayed’s legacy lives on; UAE declares 2019 Year of Tolerance

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has declared 2019 as Year of Tolerance. His declaration is aimed at highlighting UAE’s approach in bridging communications between peoples of different cultures thriving in a respectful environment which rejects extremism and emphasizes acceptance of others. It’s in honor of and a […]